Artifact Type Total stats
Attack Power HP MP Defense Special Bonus Fragment Location
Harp of Adventurer
Treasure 5 5 2 Decrease EP consumption when upgrading title by 18% Adventurer's Forest
Cloak of Holy Rune Master
Cape 3 4 20 2 Holy Rune Master Enhancement +3 Lost Temple
Great God of Thieves' Boots
Boots 5 3 2 Great God of Thieves Enhancement+3, Dodge +4% Borderland
Ring of Great Enchanter
Ring 3 7 2 Great Enchanter Enhancement +3 Desert Oasis
Amulet of Farplane Ranger
Neck 3 5 20 2 Farplane Ranger Enhancement +3 Bloody Fortress
Belt of Holy Blacksmith
Belt 5 3 20 2 Holy Blacksmith Enhancement +3 Saint's Tower
Gloves of Great Swordsmith
Hand 7 3 2 Great Swordsmith Enhancement +3 Ancient Arena
Armor of Legendary Hunter
Armor 3 3 4 Legendary Hunter Enhancement +3 Village of Heroes
Crown of Great Elf King
Head 5 3 20 2 Great Elf King Enhancement +3 Forest of Whispers

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