Hidden Gumball Edit

To get the Sorcerer gumball:

  1. Get Wizard's Robe (from corpse in wild boar cave)
  2. Find Sorcerer's Hut (above 50/F)
  3. Use 300,000 coins to recruit.

To get fragments

  • Repeat process and pay 200,000 coins 


Enemy Form Skill Stealing List (use Bandit, Kaito, or Bloody Wolf)
Common item Rare item
Increase Attack each time when there is one more friendly target of the same kind EP Order Suit part
Possess high Dodge

Dodge becomes invalid after opening 20 slates

EP Mage's Suit part
Poison the attacker when counterattacking (Lose HP each round, it lasts 3 rounds Fire Ball Rotten Fruit
Helps friendly targets of other types double HP when present Lightning Bolt Hive
Launch an attack once every 2 rounds Bless Torch
Ancient Tree of Lore See Boss section Broken Arrow Smurf's Potion

Boss (Ancient Tree of Lore) Edit

War Old Tree
Floor Attack HP Dodge Accuracy
30 16 344 0% 100%
40 26 698 0% 100%
50 51 1363 0% 100%
60 101 2568 0% 100%
70 160 4756 0% 100%
80 270 8654 0% 100%
90 491 15594 0% 100%
100 831 ??? 0% 100%


  • Natural Power: Casts once every 3 rounds and permanently enchances Vine Shield's effect by 5%
  • Battle Status: Transform to War status When HP is lower than 60% and recover 20%HP
  • Vine Shield: Increases Magic Resistance by 20%.Reflects 20% of damage suffered
  • Destructive Cannon (War Status) - Launch an attack every 3 rounds to cause 300% damage to enemies

Stages Edit

Let's go! Adventurers!: Floors 5 (Difficulty 1) - 1 Vigor

Beasts' Cave: Floors 10 (Difficulty 1) - 1 Vigor

Strange Noice in the Depth of Forest: Floors 10 (Difficulty 2) - 1 Vigor

Endless Mode: 2 Vigor

Special Occurrences Edit

Tree House in Forest

  • Give items and he'll use them in order every 7 rounds
  • See table for possible items, there are probably more
Item Source Base Effect Special Effect
Torch In maze 5 damage (+2 each level) The enemy will turn into food after its death
Hive In maze 10 damage (+3 each level) 100% chance to Blind (5 rounds)
Rotten Fruit In maze 10 damage (+3 each level) 100% chance to Stun (2 rounds)
Broken Arrow In maze 20 damage (+5 each level) none
Flick Knife Given by the villager (spawned when using Adventurer) 20 damage (+5 each level) 50% chance to cause extra damage (The damage is equivalent to 200% Gumball's basic attack)
Acrobatics Ball Daily circus quest 100 damage Scatters 100% damage against enemies on the same row
Acrobatics Dart Daily circus quest 50 damage scatters __% damage range 2
Farplane Arrow Upgrade the Demon Hunter then Farplane Ranger title X% chance to get enemy's soul
Elf's Arrow Upgrade the Demon Hunter then Great Elf King title X% chance to deal deal additional damage of X% of your basic attack
Legendary Arrow Upgrade the Legendary Hunter title 15 damage (+5 per lvl up to 100 damage at lvl 18) scatters 100% damage against all enemies
The Dead Cat Carried by Sorcerer 20 damage 50% chance to decrease monster's HP to 1 (lasts 3 rounds)
Bandit's Claw Carried by Bandit 10 damage (+10 each level) 20% chance to steal enemy's items
Night Blade Carried by Night Knight 30 damage (+5 each level) Cause 100% spurting damage on the enemies within 3 slots nearby
Persian Powder Carried by Condottiere (20x) 20 damage (+3 each level) 50% chance to do double damage.
Ammo Carried by Kraken Captain
Head Hoop Carried by Monkey King Triples damage of next thrown item
Fruits of World Tree Carried by World Tree Deal damage to all visible enemies
Krypton Aerolite Carried by Justice Herald 30 damage (+10 each level) 50% chance to remove enemy's features (invalid on boss)
Seven Jewels Pagoda Carried by Heavenly King 50 damage 30% chance to turn enemy into Elixir of Life
Alloy Shield Carried by Guardian 50 damage Decrease monkey's throw cooldown by 2 for all items
Burst Rocket Carried by Machinist 20 damage (+5 each level) Cause 100% spurting damage on enemies within 2 slots nearby
Nuke Missile Carried by Machinist 30 damage (+6 each level) 100% chance to bring burning effect
Stone Dragon Ball Use divine dragon wish "I want your collections" 5% chance to receive a Dragon Ball after killing an enemy.
Lego Pieces Use divine dragon wish "I want your collections" 5 damage Get 50 EP after killing an enemy.
Teletubbies Boister Use divine dragon wish "I want your collections"

Hunter's Trap - Fires an arrow in a straight line. Can drop Broken Arrow

Fruit Tree - Sometimes poisons, sometimes heals. Can drop Rotten Fruit

Hive - Makes a ranged attack when stabbed, causes 1 rebound damage. Can drop Hive or Wild Honey

Weird Mandrill - Gives Mandrill's Totem

White Rabbit - Gives Rabbit's Pocket Watch

Boar's Lair - fight a number of boar find:

Fairy's Well

  • Toss 50 coins - stat boost and 100 coins
  • Toss 100 coins - stat boost and 200 coins
  • Toss Fairy Coin - stat boost and 6 Fairy Spring, lose fairy's coin

Developer's Signboard

  • Click twice to destroy. Replaced by Runes that give Fairy Coin


Corpse Regular Loot Farplane Ranger loot
Fairy Well (Fairy Coin) Fairy Springs Elf's Soul: Grants the Siren's Song status (recover 30 MP. Enhances all spell effects by 30%, valid on floor)
Wizard's Remains Smurf's Potion or Wizard's Robe Sorcerer's Soul: Receive 20 spells at random.

Papa Smurf's Soul: Gumball's HP +20

Smurfette's Soul: Gumball's Power +1

Adventurer's Remains Hunter's Certificate, Torch, Hive, or Wild Honey Soul of Gon Freecss: Increase ability of Hunter's Certificate

Broken Traveler's Soul: Receive 50-100 EP at random

Complete Traveler's Soul: Receive 100-200 EP at random

Notable Loot Edit

Get these items in the maze or by raiding:

Tips Edit

  • The Treehouse is very helpful in clearing normal enemies in the maze.
    • The Rotten Fruit and Hive are especially useful as they inflict Stun and Blind respectively, giving you free rounds to follow up attacking without fear of counterattacks.
    • Since it's the debuff that matters, and the damage doesn't increase much, it may be a good idea to keep spare Rotten Fruit and Hives rather than giving it to the Treehouse. Then you can toss them manually for more Stuns and Blinds.

Quests / DPEdit

Description DP Notes
G Finish the first floor newbie guide 5
G Get Roasted Meat x5 2 Kill a boar, bat, or monkey using a torch. The objects thrown by the tree house cycles so pay attention to the enemy's HP and what the monkey will throw next.
G Obtain Roasted Spider x5 2 See above but with spiders
G Get Roasted Lizard x5 2 See above but with lizards,
S Receive Mandrill's Totem x3 2
S Obtain Warrior's Shield x3 2
S Obtain Hunter's Certificate x3 2
S Receive Wizard's Robe 3/3 2 Get from wizard's corpse in a Boar's Lair. You can only get one of either the Wizard's Robe or the Smurf Potion. Use S/L 30 method to push the corpse deeper into the maze and try for a different item. It's the robe needed for the hidden gumball achievement.
S Use Rabbit's Pocket Watch x3 2
S Drink Smurf's Potion x3 3 Get from wizard's corpse in a Boar's Lair or steal from boss using Bandit or Kaito. You can only get one of either the Wizard's Robe or the Smurf Potion. Use S/L 30 method to push the corpse deeper into the maze and try for a different item.
G Use Torch x10 1 Using them to upgrade the Tree House in Forest doesn't count as "use". You have to target a monster with it.
G Use Wild Honey x5 1 Second drop possible of a Hive.
G Kill Boar x50 1
G Kill Spider x50 1
G Kill Lizard x50 1
G Kill Monkey x30 1
G Kill first BOSS 3
G Kill BOSS x3 3
G Clear Boar's Lair x15 2
G Use bee hive to kill bat x15 2 It's the "Stab!" event, don't use the Hive you can drop.
G Kill Enemy with Hunter's Trap 10/10 2
G Tree house in Forest killed enemy 150/150 1
S Reach floor 30 1
S Reach floor 40 2
S Reach floor 50 3
G Pick fruit x10 2
G Search Adventurer's remains x5 2
S Activate strange altar x3 2 Find the Developer's Signboard (random spawn, looks like the boss warning sign). Use password green, yellow, red, blue on the altar. 
S Throw Fairy's Coin into Fairy's Well x 2 2 See above, altar drops a Fairy's Coin.
G Active tree house in forest x5 1
G Submit different items in tree house x8 3 There are items aside from the usual four. There's a table of other items below. The easiest items are the Flick Knife, Bandit's Claw, Farplane Arrow, and Legendary Arrow.
G Upgrade tree house in forest to lv.20 3 Needs 20x of the same item.

  • Use 20x persian powder from the Condottiere gumball.
  • Night Knight will drop enough blades after 40 floors.
  • Pirate will spawn chests that may contain 10x Broken Arrows
G Maximum attack of the tree house reaches 80 3 See above. Legendary arrow or beach ball may also help with this.
G Cast Spell x10 1
G Basic Attack Reach 20 2
G Receive Help from Villagers x5 2 Use the Adventurer gumball to spawn villagers
G Collect a full suit 3
G Obtain hidden gumball 5 See hidden gumball section.

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