Sky exploration is unlocked after completing the Borderland.

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After completing the Borderland zone, you will discover the damaged wreckage of the ancient airship GUMBALL along with its stasis-frozen Captain, who joins your team. Once you have at least 15 Gumball Heroes and 500,000 coins to repair the ship, a new menu option call Airship appears at the bottom of your screen, allowing you to search the skies, which house several floating islands and opening an entire chain of new features.

Once you find the Mining Core Device-QC in a Sky Maze, the spot for the GUMBALL will be replaced with the Ancient Mining Pit (marked RELIC.)


Starting with Gumball (Airship), you can build a fleet of airships that have a variety of effects and weapons for exploring the skies. Each airship has a Halo effect that will affect all airships, similar to a Gumball's Talent.

Also see, currently available Airships.

Crew Edit

Airship crew consists mainly of Gumballs, but based on how high your Leadership skill is, you can also add Robots to improve your energy and stats.

If you have unlocked Eden you will also be able to add Clones as a special separate crew - independant of your leadership. Clones may die however, depending how much damage your take during a fight.


Press the red button with the magnifying glass to begin a search for a Sky Exploration. Your efforts will be rewarded with one of six outcomes: You can click multiple times while the scan is in progress to find multiple locations at the same time.


The skies have a variety of islands you can discover. Your ability to explore is limited to two things:

Radar Battery - Your airship has a battery capacity located in the upper right side of the radar display screen that covers the lower half of your display while aboard the airship. You begin with 15 charges, but by going to the RELIC map item, you may purchase (for Gems) battery upgrades. There are also a few battery boosts that come from other means as well.

When you expend all your charges, you can use a Battery Pack to recover 5 charges or wait until your batteries recover 1 charge per 30 minutes (the Alastor airship reduces this amount of time.)

Radar Capacity - With the exception of the Alliance Center, Guardian's Statue, Celestial Market, and Trial Tower (when you find them), your radar has a limit on the number of things it can display at any one time to 5 additional objects. As with Radar Battery, you may purchase (for Gems) capacity upgrades at the RELIC map item.

If you fill your Radar Capacity with encounters you cannot clear, you can reset your exploration by choosing that option from the Info button on the top left.

Relics IslandEdit

Also sometimes called Floating islands (which can be confusing given that there are also Monsters Floating Islands), these islands allow you to mine Relic Fragments without a battle. There fragments can be used to upgrade your Airships or enhance your abilities at the Ancient Mining Pit,...

You also have the chance to encounter a sealed temple. There are four types, each requiring a contract that you may purchase for Relic Fragments or Gems at the Celestial Market.

  • Rainbow Temple - The lowest temple, offers minor rewards: relic fragments and components. Can drop Star Contracts.
  • Star Temple - Improved rewards in terms of number of fragments, coins, and quality of components. Can drop Moon Contracts.
  • Moon Temple - Greater rewards and chance to drop Combo Skills and Sun Contracts.
  • Sun Temple - Highest rewards and chance to drop Combo Skills and gumball fragments.

Clearing a relics island gives you the chance for certain Sky Exploration Events, but only if you don't find a Temple.

Monster IslandEdit

Also sometimes called Monsters Floating Island, these creature infested islands can be attacked to harvest Relic Fragments and Components. Click on the Detail option to see the enemy's capabilities and be able to apply a blue Exploration Runestone to bolster your attack. If you own Goblin Airship (Airship bought with gems), you can also instantly destroy islands with a relative low energy.

Clearing a monster island gives you the chance for certain Sky Exploration Events.

Sky Exploration EventsEdit

There are many strange things in the skies that you can find after clearing a Relics Island or a Monsters Island, including remains, characters asking you strange questions, strange machines and even roving merchants. These are all regrouped under the generic title Sky Exploration Events.

Sky MazesEdit

Sky Mazes can be encountered when exploring the sky and will present themselves as small flag icons on your mini-map. Those mazes cost 1 vigor to enter and have between 1 and 5 floors. Some mazes are essentially puzzles whereas others acts more like normal mazes except for their length.

Once encountered, those mazes will be added to your Captain's Diary logs so that you can force their re-apparition by spending 5 battery points. To access your Captain's Diary from the Airship Operations Center: click on the backpack, select the tab Use, click on the Wallet like icon.

The maze event (flag icon) will remain on your mini-map until you complete the maze, raid it, ignore it or reset your exploration. The raid and Ignore options are only available if you have completed the maze at least once in one of your explorations.

Enemy AirshipEdit

Also sometimes called Other airships or Player's airship in the game, they look like big floating barges with Gumballs and Cannons aboard. Click on the Detail option to see the enemy's capabilities and be able to apply a blue Exploration Runestone to bolster your attack.

Upon victory, there is a chance that you will find wreckage of your opponent's airship. Investigating them can result in the discovery of components and chips to upgrade your airships. You may also rarely find Temple Contracts.

The Alliance Airship, once built, will allow you to instantly destroy enemy airships if their energy is below % a certain % of your own ship's energy.

Space RiftEdit

- Space rifts are a faction color-coded, multiple stage battle. Only by assigning the required faction color can you attack the rift.

  • Blue - Aoluwei's Blade
  • Green/Cyan - Canas' Enlightenment
  • Yellow - Ranger's Song
  • Red - Abyss' Roar

Victory can award you Relic Fragments, Mysterious Statues, Gumball Fragments, Airship Components and Chips.


- Every 30 explorations, you will face a Sky Colossus. Defeating him will award you Relic Fragments, Mysterious Statues and can drop Airship fragments and also Energy Crystals needed to upgrade your Sky Medals and build Gumball Statues

Quantum TunnelEdit

- A new Exploration event that is part of the Rayark games event that can appear at exploration level 200+. It resembles a red space rift, but the gate has a gap between the two halves and the rift has a vaguely diamond shape. Despite the coloration, there is no faction limitation to attacking the tunnel. This event will only appear during a Rayark game crossover event.

Clearing the tunnel will drop Night Wing Airship chips. Night Wing - when completed - has a halo similar to Universal Falcon which boosts your exploration level upon a reset.

Sky TitlesEdit

Sky Titles were added in the 4/22/2017 upgrade. Similar to the Venture, Melee, and Magic Titles used in a Maze, these titles enhance your Gumball Factions when exploring the sky.

Ancient Mining PitEdit

When you complete the Ancient Cultural Relics Sky Instance, you will unlock a facility that mines for Relic Fragments whether you are online or not.