Alliances are unlocked as part of the Airship content.

Donate to your alliance to gain alliance coins and increase the level of your group.

So far, the benefits of having a strong alliance are small but having an active alliance will help you with the Fate Pillar.

Alliance Positions Edit

With the Update 1.6.1, the Alliance Consul (leader) can appoint others in the alliance to positions of power.

R1 - Civilian: Nothing

R2 - Elite (max 10): Can Send Alliance Mail

R3 - Supervisor (max 3): R2 + Approve Members

R4 - Senior Member (max 2): R3 + Kick Members, Change Alliance Notice

Alliance Coin Donation Rewards Edit

You can earn Alliance coins by donating resources to the alliance. There is a maximum amount of coins that can be earned a day via donations. Daily limit of earned coins starts at 3000 coins and is increased by 20 for each World Tree Level. Donated materials can be used for Alliance Construction buildings and badges (increase airship energy).

Material Material Amount Alliance Coins Returned
Gems 1 200
Coin 1000 1
Relic Fragment (This does not seem to be an option any more) 50 1
Magic Iron or Crystal 10 1
Dark Steel or Soul Crystal 10 3
Mithril or Arcane Crystal 1 1
Eternal Gold or Holy Crystal 1 3

Alliance Gift PackageEdit

There are 4 types of Alliance Gift packages. They are earned when you or an alliance member performs a specific task. All alliance members will get a gift package.

  • Alliance Credit Gift Package: Earned when the daily consumption of all members of the alliance reaches a milestone target (2000, 5200 and 15600 points). 1 points is earned each time an alliance member spends 1 Gem or 50,000 Coins. Rewards: 2000 points: 1-2 gems. 5200 points: 4-6 gems. 15600 points: ? gems.
  • Shopping Rebate Gift Package: Earned when an alliance member buys gems. Reward depends on which gem package was bought.
  • Statue Construction Gift Package: Earned when an alliance member finishes building a statue. Reward is 1 fragment of that gumball (or 1 gumball pot for gumballs that you can't earn extra fragments like Magic Golem).
  • Golden Pot Gift Package: Currently Unavailable


Players may post Bounties using Gems to ask other Alliance members to complete tasks for Alliance Coins. Bounties may be posted for either Airship revenge battles or DP Quests. The number of coins given for completion is determined by the number of Gems spent in Bounty posting.

  • 3 Gems - 600 Alliance Coins
  • 6 Gems - 1200 Alliance Coins
  • 9 Gems - 1800 Alliance Coins

For each point of completion (killing the specified enemy, acquiring the desired item, etc.) Alliance coin rewards are divided by the number of completions available (e.g. for Borderlands DP Mission Obtain Dragonling Skull 0/3, for a 9 Gem bounty cost the reward for each Dragonling Skull is 600 Alliance Coins [1800/3]). Rewards will be issued when player advances to the next floor of the maze. This does not consume items and they will still available for use in the Maze.

If DP Quest is partially completed at the time of Bounty posting, the reward will be divided by the remaining number of completions (e.g. for the above example, if the player already has 1/3 Dragonling Skulls at the time of posting, for a 9 Gem posting, each Dragonling Skull will be worth 900 Alliance Coins [1800/2]).

Alliance members may "claim" a bounty (allowing them to earn coins for completing the task) by selecting the bounty in the Bounty section of the Alliance Center. Only one Bounty of each type (DP Quest and Airship Revenge) may be claimed at a time and there is a maximum number of claims of 3 per day. Players may earn multiple completion points for each claimed Bounty. Completing a bountied task without claiming the Bounty in the Alliance Center will not count as a completion and will not yield rewards. You can not claim a DP Quest bounty unless you have already completed the DP Quest.

Alliance LevelsEdit

The maximum alliance level is 20.

Level Members Alliance Store Items Materials to Rank Up
1 60 6 Coin x 10,800,000

Magic Iron x108,000
Crystal x108,000
Gem x100

2 60 6 Coin x 14,000,000

Magic Iron x 144,000
Dark Steel x 48,000
Gem x 100

3 60 6 Coin x 18,000,000

Crystal x 180,000
Soul Crystal x 60,000
Gem x 100

4 60 6 Coin x 24,000,000

Magic Iron x 240,000
Crystal x 240,000
Dark Steel x 80,000
Soul Crystal x 80,000
Gem x 200

5 65 8 Coin x 27,000,000

Magic Iron x 270,000
Mithril x 30,000
Gem x 200

6 65 8 Coin x 30,600,000

Crystal x 306,000
Arcane Crystal x 34,000
Gem x 200

7 65 8 Coin x 34,200,000

Dark Steel x 114,000
Mithril x 38,000
Gem x 200

8 65 8 Coin x 37,800,000

Soul Crystal x126,000
Arcane Crystal x 42,000
Gem x 200

9 65 8 Coin x 45.000.000

Dark Steel x150.000 
Soul Crystal x150.000
Mithril x 50.000
Arcane Crystal x 50,000
Gem x 300

10 70 10 Coin x 52,200,000

Magic Iron x 588,000
Eternal Gold х 21,800
Gem x 300

11 70 10 Coin x 59,400,000

Crystal  x 668,000
Holy Crystal x 24,800
Gem x 300

12 70 10 Coin x 66,600,000

Dark Steel x 248,000
Eternal Gold x 27,800
Gem x 300

13 70 10 Coin x 73,800,000

Soul Crystal  x 278,000
Holy Crystal x 30,800
Gem x 300

14 70 10 Coin x 96,800,000

Mithril x 126,000
Arcane Crystal x 126,000
Eternal Gold  x 42,000
Holy Crystal x 42,000
Gem x 500

15 75 10

Coin x 104,000,000

Magic Iron x 1,200,000

Eternal Gold x 45,000
Gem x 500

16 75 10 Coin x 112,000,000

Crystal x 1,360,000
Holy Crystal x 50,000
Gem x 500

17 75 10 Coin x 120,000,000

Dark Steel x 500,000

Eternal Gold x 55,000

Gems x 500

18 75 10 Coin x 128,000,000

Soul Crystal x 550,000

Holy Crystal x 60,000

Gems x 500

19 75 10 Coin x 160,000,000

Mithril x 225,000

Arcane Crystal x 225,000

Eternal Gold x 75,000

Holy Crystal x 75,000

20 80 Max Level

Miracle Shop (Alliance Shop)Edit

More interesting items will appear in the shop for higher level alliances.

Item Alliance Coins Available from alliance level
Nelson 4800
Nelson fragment 800 (x5)

1600 (x10)
3200 (x20)

S.S. Alliance Airship chip 1500 (x5)

3000 (x10)
6000 (x20)

Night Wing chips
Spaceship Ruins map 10,000
Airship blueprint for rank 6 upgrade 9000 10 ?
Battery Pack 500 (x1)

2500 (x5)
5000 (x10)

Mysterious Statue 300 (x10)

600 (x20)
1500 (x50)

Sky Reset Scroll 2000 5
Rank 1 Ship Material

(Olefin Alloy, Photon Core, Synkaryon Battery EX, Tesla Circuit)

300 (x10)

600 (x20)
1500 (x50)

Rank 2 Ship Material

(High Frequency Fibre N+, Subspace Core, Super-particle Battery M, Ancient Circuit Element)

600 (x10)

1200 (x20)
3000 (x50)

Rank 3 Ship Material

(S-level Inverse Phase Alloy, Dark Matter Core, Energy Furnace Shard, Micro Dyson Sphere G)

600 (x5)

2400 (x20)
6000 (x50)

Rank 1 Energy Crystal

(Energy Crystal of Adanos, Energy Crystal of Ostarsos, Energy Crystal of Andrass, Energy Crystal of Olin Bloss, Energy Crystal of Dionie)

Rank 2 Energy Crystal

(Energy Crystal of Tethys, Energy Crystal of Oceanus, Energy Crystal of Theia, Energy Crystal of Koios, Energy Crystal of Mnemosyne)

Rank 3 Energy Crystal

(Energy Crystal of Lapetos, Energy Crystal of Phoebe, Energy Crystal of Hyperion, Energy Crystal of Themis, Energy Crystal of Kreios)



Alliance Missions may be accessed through the Alliance Center. A number of missions, dependent on your Alliance level, will be available and will refresh every 12 hours at 0:00 and 12:00 Game Time.

Missions take 5 minutes to complete (time is reduced by 1 minute for each level of Nelson's Talent down to instantaneous completion) and yield alliance coins as well as additional rewards such as food, materials, gems, gumball babies, and fashion costumes. Special missions that yield advanced rewards such as gems, fashions, and babies will only appear in your available missions if you have enough of the required gumballs to complete it.

Available fashions:

None of these fashions give any stat bonus.

Available Gumball Babies:

  •  ?/? Baby - +2% bonus to all healing spells
  • 3 of Hades/Poseidon/Creator/Angel Deity/Athena/Apollo/Hercules/Odin Baby - +2% bonus to all aid spells

Available Robots: