Finish this maze to get the Gladiator gumball.

Hidden GumballsEdit

To get the Spartan gumball:

  • Get Spartan Helmet from Spartan's Corpse
  • Win every duel on floors 5 through 85 (5, 15, 25, ...)
  • Challenge him to duel at 95F (You must be wearing Spartan Helmet to begin challenge)

(Using Nether Wick from Farplane title may be helpful)

The Peter "Gumball" is also available in this maze, but it's a more difficult (later game) process. See the Peter page for details.


Enemy Form Skill Stealing List (use Bandit, Kaito, or Bloody Wolf)
Common item Rare item
Increase attack when by itself Bending Coin Shadow Badge
Double attack when HP less than 50% Rank 1 armor (Hunter's Leather Armor, Noble Silk Ribbon, Rune Ring, Forging Spectroscope) Cross
Attack once every 4 rounds and cause 300% damage Knight's Suit part Holy Cup
Help all friendly targets increase attack when hit EP Bottle of Blood
Wandering Mage
Launches an attack every 2 rounds Fire Ball Burned Parchment
Doubles other monster's HP Dorothy's Diary Dorothy's Diary
High Dodge Scarecrow's Brain Scarecrow's Brain
Tin Man
Helps friendly targets resist damage

Physical resistance +70%

Tin Man's Heart Tin Man's Heart
Decreases attack each time an ally is killed Lion's Diary Lion's Diary
Revived Gumball
Revive with full HP after being killed Muscle Regeneration Cell Muscle Regeneration Cell
Muscular Gumball
Immune to Physical Attack Muscle Enhancement Cell Muscle Enhancement Cell
Bomb Master Gumball
Casts once every 2 rounds to cause 200% damage to enemies Domination Bomb Domination Bomb
Armored Warrior Gumball
Attack+2 every round Warrior's Heavy Armor Warrior's Heavy Armor
Orc Fighter
See Boss section Orc's Liver or Shaman's Ear Eyeball Tincture

Boss Edit

Floor HP Attack Shield Armor (X) Thump (Y)
30F 439 26 +10% 20%
40F 880 44 +10% 20%
50F 1708 72 +10% 20%
60 3210 127 +20% 30%
70 5936 166 (@6 Def) +20% 30%
80 10793 342 +20% 30%
90 > 20,000 614 +30% 40%
100 ~29 818 1035 +30% 40%


  • Shield Armor - Physical resistance +X%, magic resistance +X%. Halves all debuff's duration.
  • Battle Focus - Accelerated to accumulate anger each time 35% of its HP is lost
  • Thump - Launches an attack when anger is full to deal 3x damage on the enemy and directly kills enemy with HP lower than Y%

Special OccurrencesEdit

Winner's Pillar

  • Engrave your name after defeating all the enemies.
  • Gives Bent Coins and stat bonuses.

Fighting Stand

Lounge - battle a group of four enemies

  • Muscle Man Squad - Ogre x2, Butcher x2
  • Sniper King Squad - Cannon, Wandering Mage, Pea Cannon, Musketeer
  • Ranger Squad - Wandering Mage x4
  • Shadow Power Squad - Assassin x4
  • Venomous Creature Squad - Spider x2, Skeleton hound x2
  • Warrior's Heart Squad - Gladiator x4
  • Wizard of Oz Squad - Dorothy, Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Man
  • Dark Martial Arts Team - Bomb Master Gumball, Muscular Gumball, Revived Gumball, Armored Warrior Gumball 

Special Hidden Loot - bring God of Thieves' Lantern to Lounge



Corpse Regular Loot Farplane Ranger loot
Spartan's Corpse Spartan Helmet Spartan's Soul: Spartan Helmet increased ability
Noble's Corpse Senate Cape Caesar's Soul: Senate Cape increased ability

Notable LootEdit

Out of maze loot available through maze run or raiding:

Title specific lootsEdit

For items available here through the God of Thieves title, see here.

For souls available here using the Farplane's Bow and Farplane Arrow, see here.


Zorro's Mask uses Gladiators instead of Bandits in this Maze.

You can kill the gumballs in the audience in the Fighting Stand for rewards (gems, EP, food items and fragments). They can't be attacked directly but you can use splash damage and summons. Try Zorro's active skill, Zerg Queen's egg hatchlings, or Sorcerer's cat.

Audience members require more damage to kill at higher levels. Killing them can trigger on death effects such as Blade of Ruin via Melee titles.

You might want to avoid taking a treasure slot artefact because of the Champion's Certificate.

Kaito is very fun in this maze because of the varied steals from the champions.

Burned Parchment scales with the Power stat. It also counts as a low level spell for the purposes of Great Druid's Cloak, it can therefore be hitting upwards of 3-4k if it hits on the high end of its scale before accounting for disrupting ray or other buffs/debuffs.

Quests / DPEdit

Description DP Notes
S Obtain Spartan Helmet x3 2
S Obtain Senate Cape x3 2
S Obtain Muscle Enhancement Cell x2 2 Only in special lounges. Best use Kaito and Bandit. S/L method will not change what enemies appear in a lounge.
S Obtain Muscle Regeneration Cell x2 2 ""
S Obtain Domination Bomb x2 2 ""
S Obtain Holy Warrior's Heavy Armor x2 2 ""
S Obtain Dorothy's Diary x2 2 ""
S Obtain Lion's Diary x2 2 ""
S Obtain Scarecrow's Brain x2 2 ""
S Obtain Tin Man's Heart x2 2 ""
G Use Eyeball Tincture x15 2
G Use Orc's Liver x 15 2
G Use Bottle of Blood x15 2
G Use Shadow Badge x15 2
G Use Shaman's Ear x15 2
G Use Burned Scroll x15 2
G Champion's Certificate reaches the max level 3 Beat every rival in fighting stand from floor 5 to 95. To enter floor 95, equip Spartan Helmet. Using Nether Wick from Farplane Ranger title is very effective.
G Kill Gladiator x80 1
G Kill Butcher x80 1
G Kill Assassin x80 1
G Kill Ogre x80 1
G Kill Wandering Mage x40 1
G Kill first boss 3
G Kill boss x3 3
G Clear Lounge x15 2
S Reach floor 50 1
S Reach floor 60 2
S Reach floor 70 3
G Engrave name on the pillar x150 3
G Buy goods in depot x60 3
G Join the fight in fighting stand x20 3
G Kill different rivals in Fighting Stand x15 3
G Surrender in fighting stand x3 2
G Get the rival's items x10 3
G Defeat all teams in the lounge 3
G Get legacy x3 1 Die and return to the maze. Reach the floor where you died and find your gravestone (that's your legacy).
G Obtain hidden gumball 5 See hidden gumball section

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