Things You Might Not KnowEdit

  • List of Events Category:Events
  • There are Orange Orbs which are dragon balls. Collect all 7 to summon the divine dragon and make a wish (list of wishes here)
  • In the options menu you can turn on the "Press and Hold Function" to open slates and pick up items by dragging instead of tapping
  • Also in the options menu, input Secret Order codes for lots of free prizes and the Spy gumball (some codes only work when you progress further in the game)
  • Click on things in the background of the main screen to get rewards. The number of gems you can get is capped.
  • In the Ancient Arena maze, you can use summoned allies and area effect spells to kill the audience members. They sometimes drop gems and fragments
  • There are several random maze events. You can only give 3-4 items to the oriental shrine and machine altar ever so choose carefully.
  • Relics - Area where you can plunder players' airship to gain airship parts, Ancient Relics, and coins. Be aware: you can be plundered, too.  Consider not placing too may gumballs in mining until you are stronger to defend your mining relics and coins.
  • Join an Alliance - Depending on the alliance's level, daily rewards (i.e. gems, gumball pots, fragments, etc.) are given out depending on the total spending/activities of alliance members. Joining an alliance gives access to more gumballs, benefits from alliance missions and can help you understand the game better; as alliance members can provide helpful tips to completing mazes.

Common Terms and AcronymsEdit

These abbreviations and terms are often used when talking about the game.

Related to gumballs in mazesEdit

  • Main - "with xxx as main" means with xxx selected. It stresses the fact that using xxx as Soul-Link isn't enough for this or that particular purpose.
  • Team - "with xxx in team", means with xxx selected or used as Soul-Link
  • Soul-Link - As you progress along the main story line, you will unlock the Soul-Links. Once unlocked, you can, upon entering a maze, select 1 or 2 other gumballs as Soul-Links. Soul-linked gumballs grant access to all or part of their exclusive skills (depending on the Gumball).
  • "Playing xxx" or "with xxx"- This is ambiguous. It should mean "with xxx selected" but it is also often used as meaning "in team".

Tricks and inner workings of the gameEdit

  • S/L - save load (Quit the app and restart it. This re-rolls the placement of things in mazes and can be used retry a floor that went poorly)
  • S/L 30 - save load 30 (Quit the app and wait 30 minutes. This completely resets maze floors and the loot behind bosses. It can be useful when chasing hidden gumballs or dragon balls)
  • RNG - random number generator (some things in the game are purely random and luck can be a cruel)


  • POE - Portal of Earth spell, essential for many maze quests by return to previous floors
  • BoR - Blade of Ruin , a spell used to temporarily increase one's own Attack and disable the target's counterattack
  • AoE - "Area of Effect", used informally to designate any spell (targeted or not) that will affect or also affect non-targeted enemies.


Some of the game's translated terms might not be very clear

  • Ziotic enemies - living enemies, i.e. not undead, elemental, or mechanical
  • Spurting damage - area of effect damage on surrounding tiles. Range is listed in orthogonal units. It does not go diagonal. (Range 1 is plus-shaped, 2 is diamond-shaped, etc...)

Gumball CombinationsEdit

Here is a collection of gumball teams emerge which work well to very well together. Please explain how the teams work.

"Free Warrior Minions"
Adventurer + Athena + X
X=Holy Warrior