The celestial market is the airship version of the Traveling Merchant.

Possible fragments are:

Possible combat skills are:

Once purchased, combat skill will not appear again so buying them early will free up space for other items.

Possible ship chips are:


Fragment Cost Gem Cost
Rainbow Contract x3 1500
Star Contract x2 3000
Moonlight Contract x1 7500 10
Sun Contract x1 n/a 30
Gumball Fragment x1 1000
Gumball Fragment x2 2000
Gumball Fragment x3 5
Combat Skill n/a 15
Ship Chip x2 3000
Ship Chip x3 9
Mysterious Statue x10 2000
Relics Fragment Pack n/a 15
TS-260 (1000 energy) 5000
RS-500 (2500 energy) 30
Rank 4 Alchemy Ingredient (Eternal Gold or Holy Crystal) x20 4500
Rank 4 Alchemy Ingredient (Eternal Gold or Holy Crystal) x40 9000
Rank 1 Ship Material x10

(Olefin Alloy, Photon Core, Synkaryon Battery EX, Tesla Circuit)

Rank 2 Ship Material x10

(High Frequency Fibre N+, Subspace Core, Super-particle Battery M, Ancient Circuit Element)

3000 6
Rank 3 Ship Material x5

(S-level Inverse Phase Alloy, Dark Matter Core, Energy Furnace Shard, Micro Dyson Sphere G)

3000 6
Rank 4 Ship Material x5

(Universe Alloy MAC, The Fifth Element, Energy Matrix RC, High Dimensional Space Module)

3600 12


Rank Explore Avenge Plunder
1 (500 relics) Clever Youth Certificate

Historian Certificate
Chemist Certificate
Biologist Certificate
Mathematician Certificate


Shaman's Totem
Power of Faith

Heavy Punch

Teleportation Matrix
Poison Fang

2 (1000 relics) Scavenging Permit

Gravedigging Permit
Burial Permit



Bone Cross

Main Cannon's Booster
Hateful Spirit

3 (2000 relics) Scroll of Fire Control

Puppet Core
Arcane Missile


Divine Favor Barrier

Soul Blasting


4 (5000 relics) Perfect Enhancement

Oracle's Sash

Illminster's Pipe

Angel of Vengeance

Flame Storm

Aries' Blade

Tip :

To use a Rune-stone, when viewing a target you look at details and above the reward box at the top right is a flashing plus sign. Press it and select your rune-stone.