The first three demon titles are available for all Demon gumballs in any zone.

The 4th and 5th titles are available in Hell Frontier.

The Fallen
Inferior Demon
Middle Demon
Superior Demon


Demon Great Lord
Devil Lord

Rank 1

The Fallen:

Attack +1/2/3 & Power +1/2/3. When an enemy is killed, 25% chance to recover +1/2/3 MP.

Rank 2

Inferno Demon:

Attack +1/2/3 & Power +1/2/3. When attacking, 5%/10%/15% chance to deal double damage.

Rank 3

Middle Demon

Attack +2/3/4 & Power +2/3/4

Learn Title to receive 1 Little Demon

Rank 4

Superior Demon

Attack +3/4/5 & Power +3/4/5

Randomly enhance Gumball's attribute for every 30/25/20 enemies killed

Rank 5

Demon Great Lord:

For every 10/?/?% decrease in HP, Attack will be increased by 3/?/?%

When attacking, 5/?/?% chance not to be counterattacked

Attack +9 / Attack +9%

Attack +9 / Attack +9%

PV +180 / Attack +9%

Devil Lord:

Power +9 / MP +180

Receive 9 "Implosion"

When casting "Implosion", 100% chance to deal splash damage to all enemies present.

When casting "Implosion", 100% chance to add Corruption effect.

Effects of all Dark damage spells +100%

50% chance to deal double damage when casting Dark spells.

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