The first three demon titles are available for all Demon gumballs in any zone.

The full tree of demon titles is available as a secondary tree for all Demon gumballs in Hell Frontier.

The Fallen
Inferior Demon
Middle Demon
Superior Demon


Demon Great Lord
Devil Lord

Rank 1

The Fallen:

Attack +1/2/3 & Power +1/2/3. When an enemy is killed, 25% chance to recover +1/2/3 MP.

Rank 2

Inferno Demon:

Attack +1/2/3 & Power +1/2/3. When attacking, 5%/10%/15% chance to deal double damage.

Rank 3

Middle Demon

Attack +2/3/4 & Power +2/3/4

Learn Title to receive 1 Little Demon

Rank 4

Superior Demon

Attack +3/4/5 & Power +3/4/5

Randomly enhance Gumball's attribute for every 30/25/20 enemies killed

Rank 5

Demon Great Lord:

For every 10/?/?% decrease in HP, Attack will be increased by 3/?/?%

When attacking, 5/?/?% chance not to be counterattacked

Attack +9 / Attack +9%

Attack +9 / Attack +9%

PV +180 / Attack +9%

Devil Lord:

Power +9 / MP +180

Receive 9 "Implosion"

When casting "Implosion", 100% chance to deal splash damage to all enemies present.

When casting "Implosion", 100% chance to add Corruption effect.

Effects of all Dark damage spells +100%

50% chance to deal double damage when casting Dark spells.

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