Complete this maze to get the Witch gumball. Also, fragments for Avalon Fortress are given in this maze.

Hidden GumballEdit

To get the Genie Gumball

  • Use golden oil until you get a wish to upgrade your lamp. Hopefully the upgrade reduces the amount of oil required by 1, if not, try again.
  • Get holy oil from boss (F60/70/80). (Once per run, Collect 3 Holy Oil, Inside the Treasure Box)(notice: you get holy oil*3 in a single drop)
    • If you did not drop it, use the S/L 30 method.
  • Make a wish and select "Join me in combat"
  • Getting four treasure in F60/70/80 may increase your luck in getting the Holy Oil.


Genie! The Relic of All Gods! Floors 30 (Difficulty 28) - 2 Vigor

A Smell of Murder Lies in the Depths of the Oasis Floors 35 (Difficulty 30) - 2 Vigor

Kingdom of Assassins Floors 35 (Difficulty 30) - 2 Vigor

Kill! Evil Wizard! Floors 40 (Difficulty 31) - 2 Vigor

Endless Mode 3 Vigor


Enemy Form Skill Stealing List (use Bandit, Kaito, or Bloody Wolf)
Common item Rare item
Evil Lamp Spirit
Chance to drop Golden Lamp Oil after being killed Inferior Lamp Oil Golden Lamp Oil
Consume attackers MP when counterattacking 50 EP 150 EP
Desert Scorpion
When counterattacking, make the attacker rigid (decrease accuracy by 50%, lasts 3 rounds)

Double attack when cactus is present

1x Scorpion Powder 3x Scorpion Powder
Rebound 100% of melee damage to the attacker

Double HP when desert scorpion is present

1x Persian Powder 3x Persian Powder
Launch attack every 3 rounds, causes 200% damage and blood leech effect (steals 50% of damage dealt as HP) 1x Leather Water Bag 3x Leather Water Bag
Desert Spirit
Launches a ranged attack every 2 rounds Inferior Lamp Oil 2x Flag of Sudan
See Boss section Golden Lamp Oil Part of Eternal Suit


Floor HP Attack Phys Rst Spell Rst
30 528 33
40 1050 45
50 2030 91
60 3809 153
70 7037 240
80 12788 388 40% 20%
90 ??? 721 50% 30%
100 ??? 1220


  • Brutal Impact: Launch an attack every 3 rounds to cause 400% damage to enemies
  • Demonized Armor: Physical Resistance +30%, Spell Resistance +10%

Notable LootEdit

Get these items in them maze or by raiding:

Special OccurrencesEdit

Desert Altar - Sacrifice four of the same type of oil bottle to get a wish

  • Inferior Lamp Oil
    • Can you help me in battle? - joins you as a support summon (that level only)
    • Can you upgrade the lamp? - Upgrades effect of Aladdin's Lamp (one random stat + one random maze specific stat) (Each 15 upgrades will upgrade your lamp 1 star)
    • Grant me supplies! - Gives either EP, Scorpion Powder, Persian Powder, or Flag of Sudan
    • I'm hurt, please help me! - Heals you 50HP (may increase with Genie power) EDIT: recovers some MP as well. Because of this it is smart to save your oil until after you've cleared all Mummies from the floor to make this wish.
  • Golden Lamp Oil
    • Upgrade Aladdin's Lamp! - Upgrades the lamp 1 star, Adds special effect to lamp: reduce oil cost by 1, or decrease MP cost by 1
    • Enhance your Power! - Genie becomes more powerful in combat
    • Enhance your Energy! - "Genie becomes more powerful" (not increasing Healing effect of Genie (stays at 50 HP))
    • (Become/Make me) more powerful! - Attack+3, Power+3, HP+100, MP+100, Defense +2, EP+1000, or Dodge +10
    • What treasure do you have? - Get Magic Carpet, or Arabian Nights
    • What equipments do you have? - Get Sinbad's GlovesTin Ring, or Ruby Hood
  • Holy Lamp Oil (Once per run, Inside the Treasure Box)
    • Would you join me? - Get the Genie gumball or fragments afterwards
    • I need Gems! - 10 Gems first, then 5
    • I need Coins! - 100000 coins

Random Villager Loot - Get Hourglass of Time - Get Pharaoh's Mask

Pyramid - Fight several Mummies

Desert Trade Caravan - Trade EP for items


Mysterious Cave (once per run) - 
Answer question with:

  • Open Sesame!: random items (holy cup, lamp oil, maze supplies)
  • O wheat open!: 2x Bandit appear
  • O barley open!: 2x Bandit appear
  • O soybean open!: 2x Bandit appear
    • Bandits will appear up to 10x.


Jafar's Crystal Ball

  • Found using Great God of Thieves title
  • Usable item: Does ten times gumball's basic power to enemy. Double effect on boss.


Corpse Regular Loot Farplane's Lantern Soul
Aladdin's Corpse Aladdin's Lamp and Inferior Lamp Oil Alladin's Soul: Genie's Attack +10, HP+100
Abu's Soul: Persian Powder power enhanced
Assassin's Soul Assassin's Cloak Attert's Soul: Assassin's Cloak effect enhanced
Great Priest's Corpse The Book of the Dead Imorton's Soul: Increase effect of all Dark Spells by 5%
Princes Corpse Karina's Dagger Dastan's Soul: Cast Timestill
Pathfinder's Soul The Book of Amun-Ra O'Connor's Soul: Accuracy +20%. Causes extra 20% damage when attacking Desert Scorpion.


  • You get Aladdin's Lamp on 1F so don't take treasure artifact into the maze, the lamp will recover MP each floor, increase other stats + maze specific stats
  • You get Sinbad's GlovesTin Ring, and Ruby Hood from the desert altar, so don't take hand, ring & head treasure artifacts into the maze
  • Shadow Assassin gumball will be immune to Rigid once equipped with Assassin's Cloak (cloak equipment)
  • When you get Velvet Cloak (-9% EP consume) take it and wear every time you want to upgrade skills, buy from Desert Trade Caravan or from Shops. In long runs the profit would be enormous.

Quests / DPEdit

Description DP Notes
S Obtain Assassin's Cloak x3 2 Found on Assassin's Corpse
S Obtain Ruby Hood x3 2 Use Golden Lamp Oil and wish "Do you have equipment?"
S Obtain Sinbad's Gloves x3 2 Use Golden Lamp Oil and wish "Do you have equipment?"
S Obtain Tin Ring x3 2 Use Golden Lamp Oil and wish "Do you have equipment?"
G Use Scorpion Powder x20 2
G Use Leather Water Bag x20 2
G Use Arabian Nights x3 2 Use Golden Lamp oil wish "What treasure do you have?"
G Use Magic Carpet x3 2 Use Golden Lamp oil wish "What treasure do you have?"
G Use The Book of Amun-Ra x3 3 Found on Pathfinder's Soul
G Use The Book of the Dead x3 3 Found on Great priest's Remains
G Use Karina's Dagger x3 3 Found on Princes Corpse
G Kill Evil Lamp Spirit x150 1
G Kill Mummy x150 1
G Kill Sandworm x150 1
G Kill Desert Scorpion x150 1
G Kill Cactus x150 1
G Kill Desert Spirit x100 1
G Kill first boss 3
G Kill boss x5 3
G Kill enemy with Persian Powder x50 2
G Genie kills enemy x50 2
G Suppress the Pyramid x20 2
S Reach floor 60 2
S Reach floor 70 3
S Reach floor 80 3
G Reach floor 30 without vow 3
G Alladin's Lamp gets 7 star 3
G Make wishes with Inferior Lamp Oil x150 2
G Make wishes with Golden Lamp Oil x30 3
G Make wishes with Holy Lamp Oil x3 3 Boss drop. Use S/L 30 method if it doesn't show up. Use Golden Oil wish to upgrade lamp and decrease oil requirements by 1.
G Receives healing from Wishing Pond x15 1 Use Inferior Lamp Oil and wish "I'm injured. Please help!"
G Obtain goods by vow x30 2 Use Inferior Lamp Oil and wish "I need aid of supplies!"
G Enhance attributes with vow x20 3 Use Golden Lamp Oil and wish "Become more powerful!"
G Buy goods from desert trade caravan x100 1
G Choose the correct answer to the riddle of the Sphinx x10 2 See Sphinx's Riddles if you're stuck.
G Failed to answer the riddle of Sphinx x5 2
G Bandits have appeared in the mysterious cave x40 2 Choose the wrong answer when prompted to open the mysterious cave (not open sesame). Only 10 Bandits per cave.
G Obtain hidden gumball 5 See hidden gumball section