Complete this maze to get the Vampire gumball

To UnlockEdit

Complete the Bloody Fortress and need 400 dp to unlock.

Hidden GumballEdit

To get the Vampire Hunter gumball

Vampire Hunter
  • Upgrade Vampire Hunter's Cloak to max (level 10 with 3 Ancestral Power).
  • Offer it to him at boss floor (60F+).


Sacred Artifact! Source of the Evil! Floors 40 (Difficulty 39) - 2 Vigor 

Bloody Yard Floors 45 (Difficulty 39) - 2 Vigor

  • No boss to fight; Grants Werewolf Potion recipe, 1 Gumball Artisan, 1 gem

Betrayer's Doom Floors 45 (Difficulty 40) - 2 Vigor

Rescue! Vampire! Floors 50 (Difficulty 40) - 2 Vigor

Endless Mode  3 Vigor


Enemy Form Skill Stealing List (use Bandit, Kaito, or Bloody Wolf)
Common item Rare item
Ghost [Undead]
Chance to be immune to all damage EP EP
Bloody Bat [Undead]
Drains HP when it counterattacks (Gains 50% of its own attack damage)

High Dodge
Loses its dodge after 25 slates have been opened

Essence Blood Energy Drain
Blood Lich [Undead]
Summons a Zombie every 3 rounds

All undead revive once

Curse or Death Ripple Magic Dust
Zombie [Undead]
Increase attack for each zombie present

Drops Essence Blood when killed

Essence Blood Essence Blood
Werewolf [Beast]
Increase attack each time an ally is killed

Chance to counterattack for 200% damage
Stops Blood Slave from shape-shifting when present in battle

Essence Blood Special Potion
Blood Slave [Undead]
Cast Blood Curse when counterattacking (Can't recover HP and MP, valid on floor)

When HP is lower then 50%, it becomes a Bloody Bat (doesn't loose dodge bonus after 25 slates)
Note: Attacks that should kill the blood slave, will instead transform it and leave it with a few HP.

Essence Blood Venom Gland Sample
Vampire Hunter [Human]
Launches an attack once every 2 rounds Essence Blood Mithril Bullet
Blood Lord [Undead]
Launches long-range attack when spells are cast

High HP attribute

Essence Blood Ancestor's Blood
Bone Dragon
See "Boss" Below Essence Blood Clan Signet

Boss Edit

Floor Attack HP Magic Resist Reflect Dmg
30F 38 591 30% 10%
40F 62 1171 30% 10%
50F 102 2261 30% 10%
60F 138 4236 40% 20%
70F 268 7824 40% 20%
80F 453 14214 40% 20%
90F 810 25591 50% 30%
100F ~2661 ~38713 50% 30%
110F ~4356 ~69748 50% 30%


  • Dragon's Breath: Launches an attack every 4 rounds to cause 200% damage to enemies and add the Corrosion effect (Attack halved and loses HP each round, lasts for 3 rounds)
  • Shell of Thorns: Increases Magic Resistance by X%, Reflects X% of damage suffered
  • Accuracy 100%, Dodge 0%

Special Occurrences Edit

Dracula's Storage Room - Unseal using Dracula's Seal and use Dracula's Blood to get sacred artifacts

Blood Altar - Upgrade sacred artifacts using Essence Blood and Ancestor's Blood

  • It appears every level and can be used multiple time at each level
  • You can spend 10 Essence Blood to upgrade main stats of the artifact
  • You can use Ancestor's Blood to activate and upgrade ancestral power of the artifact. (But the artifact must first have received 3 times as many regular upgrades)

Random Villager Loot - Get Clan Signet

Bloody Bench - Get Venom Gland Sample or Magic Dust

Gloomy Room - fight 4 enemies to find

  • Blood Pool - get Essence Blood or Ancestor's Blood
  • Vampire Hunter's Remains - see corpse section

Bloody Cellar - each x9 floor, fight the Blood Lord and choose one of:

  • Essence Blood x20
  • Ancestor's Blood x1
  • Sacred artifact (or a Clan Signet if you have all of the artifacts)

Vampire Store - Buy items using EP, 4 items presented in each store

Potion Formulas (found on Vampire Hunter's Remains)


Corpse Regular Loot Farplane's Lantern Soul
Dracula's Remains Dracula's Seal, Dracula's Blood x3, Essence Blood x10 Dracula's Soul: Receive 1 Dracula's Blood
Student's Remains Blood Rose Spear (3 ammo) Kiryuu Zero's Soul: Blood Rose Spear is reset to 9 ammos.
Strong Man's Remains Killer's Sunglasses Blade Warrior's Soul: Killer's Sunglasses increase ability
Hunter's Remains Hunter's Long Whip Simon's Soul: Hunter's Long Whip increased ability
Vampire Hunter's Remains Special Potion and/or Mithril Bullet Broken Vampire Hunter's Soul: Receive 1-3 Essence Blood
Complete Vampire Hunter's Soul: Receive 6-10 Essence Blood
Werewolf's Remains Werewolf's Right Claw Jacob's Soul: Causes 20% extra damage when attacking blood sucking creatures
Remains of Vampire Vampire's Jacket Alucard's Soul: Attack+2 Dodge+6%


Sacred Artifact Edit

Crown of Holy Glory (Head) Edit

  • HP+10 (+120 max)
  • Increase all Light magic effect by 2% (+25% max)
  • Ancestral Power
    • Defense +1/3/5
    • When attacking Undead, deal extra damage +25/50/75%

Corrosive Bracelet (Gloves) Edit

  • Attack+3 (+15 max)
  • Ignore enemy's Dodge +6% (+30% max)
  • Ancestral Power
    • Master "Corrosive Clouds" (Active Skill)
    • Effect: Turns over all slates, dealing damage to all enemies, poisoning them, and has a 25/50/75% chance to instantly kill each monster. Invalid against BOSS.
    • Lv3: Damage = 120% of Power
    • Cost: It requires a Venom Gland Sample each time

Talking Puppet (Neck) Edit

  • MP+10 (+120 max)
  • Increase all Damage magic effect by 2% (+25% max)
  • Ancestral Power
    • Master "Summon Magic Puppet" (Active Skill)
    • Effect: Summon Magic Puppet
    • Cost: It requires a bottle of Magic Dust each time

Nibelungen Spear (Ring) Edit

  • Power+3 (+15 max)
  • Ignore enemy's Dodge +6% (+30% max)
  • Ancestral Power
    • Master "Annihilation Bomb" (Active Skill)
    • Effect: Attacks and stuns a single target Stun always 3sec (1sec vs boss)
    • Lv1 : Damage = Power*3
    • Lv3: Damage = Power*5
    • Cost: It requires a Mithril Bullet each time

Immortal Cup (Accessory) Edit

  • Power+1 (+12 max)
  • Gain 2 Essence Blood each time when you advance 3 (1 max) floors of the Maze
  • Ancestral Power
    • Master "Immortal Source" (Active Skill)
    • Effect: Increase Gumballs' attributes +1/2/3 Att & Pwr 10/20/30 HP & MP
    • Cost: It requires a bottle of Ancestor's Blood each time

Embrace Protection (Armor) Edit

  • Defence+1 (+12 max)
  • Ancestral Power
    • Increase all magic effect by 10/20/30%

Mutu's Skin (Belt) Edit

  • Increase Recover HP by 1 when kill each enemy (12 max)
  • Increase all Recovery magic effect by 2% (25% max)
  • Ancestral Power
    • Master "Cell Regeneration" (Active Skill)
    • Effect: Recovers 15/25/35% HP
    • Cost: It requires 5 bottles of Essence Blood each time

Confinement Cage (Boots) Edit

  • Dodge+2% (+25% max)
  • Ancestral Power
    • Learn "Back in Time" (Active Skill)
    • Effect: Instantly go back 3/4/5 floors of the maze
    • Cost: It requires a Shadow Stone each time (max 10 available total)

Vampire Hunter's Cloak (Cloak) Edit

  • Attack+1 (+12 max)
  • Dodge+5%
  • Ancestral Power
    • Attack +10/15/20%
    • 10/15/20% chance to prevent the enemy's counterattack


Hunter's Long Whip (gloves)

  • Attack +3 Power +3
  • 5% chance to cast meteor shower when attacking

Killer's Sunglasses

  • 20% chance to cause 10 extra points of damage when attacking
  • Chance to loot Essence Blood +20%
  • When equipped by Blade : Defense +2

Vampire's Jacket

  • HP +30, Defense +2
  • When equipped by Vampire Gumball, Attack +3

God of Thieves ItemsEdit

See God of Thieves Items for list of available items in this maze.


- Don't kill the Blood Lich, but let him summon the (2) zombies: they guarantee an Essence Blood each and are pretty much an easy kill.

- Vampire stairs ("Bloody Cellar") appears at levels 9, 19, 29, 39 ..all floors ended in 9. You can get a lot of rewards using Confinement Cage to cast "Back in Time" to repeat the floors after killing the Blood Lord and reclaim the most rewards possible. 

- If you're trying to do the maze quests (cast the artifacts' special spells 20 times etc), it's good enough to upgrade each artifact to level 1 ancestral power just so you can cast the required special spell. You then save the rest of the bloods for the other artifacts.  

- The Hunter's Long Whip synergizes with War God of Hell for chance to cast Meteor Shower when attacking.  

- Consider Magic Bandit title as it will give you discounts in the Vampire Store. This also leads to Farplane Ranger title and you can use the wicks to instantly kill high level Blood Lords.  

- Chances of success when upgrading an artefact are apparently on the same random seed as combat. This means that if an upgrade fails, you can S/L (simple S/L, not SL30) and change the number of fights you do before the attempts to have another go at it (or simply S/L and wait for next level to try again).

- Be cautious using the Puppet against the Boss at deeper levels because the curse cast by the puppet will dispel your own debuffs (including freezes).

- The is a boss package bonus for killing the level 100 boss (only once). It gives 20 Vampire Hunter fragments and 15 Bone of Moonlight

- Shadow Stone is the most rare item needed to advance the dp quests. You can, however, use "Back in Time" before reaching endless mode. To require the least amount of endless runs to finish the quests, take "Confinement Cage" every run and pick up every Shadow Stone found. The cost of purchasing the stone is offset by the extra ep gained by passing through the same 5 floors.

Noteable loot Edit

Get these items in the maze or by raiding:

Title specific lootsEdit

For items available here through the God of Thieves title, see here.

For souls available here using the Farplane's Bow and Farplane Arrow, see here.


Description DP Notes
S Received Werewolf's Right Claw x3 2
S Receive Hunter's Long Whip x3 2
S Receive Vampire's Jacket x3 2
S Receive Killer's Sunglasses x3 2
G Use Special Potion x30 2
G Kill Ghost x200 1
G Kill Bloody Bat x200 1
G Kill Blood Lich x200 1
G Kill Zombie x200 1
G Kill Werewolf x200 1
G Kill Blood Slave x200 1
G Kill Vampire Hunter x120 1
G Kill Blood Lord x50 1
G First Kill BOSS 3
G Kill BOSS x10 3
G Magic Puppet Killed Enemy x50 3
G Use Blood Rose Spear to kill enemy x10 2
G Clear Gloomy Room x30 2
G Clear Bloody Cellar x15 2
S Reach Floor 60 2
S Reach Floor 70 2
S Reach Floor 80 3
S Reach 30 floors without Sacred Artifact 3
G Ancestral Power of Holy Glory's Crown reached Lv.3 2
G Ancestral Power of Embrace Protection reached Lv.3 2
G Ancestral Power of Corrosive Bracelet reached Lv.3 2
G Ancestral Power of Mutu's Skin reached Lv.3 2
G Ancestral Power of Talking Puppet reached Lv.3 2
G Ancestral Power of Confinement Cage reached Lv.3 2
G Ancestral Power of Nibelungen Spear reached Lv.3 2
G Ancestral Power of Vampire Hunter's Cloak reached Lv.3 2
G Ancestral Power of Immortal Cup reached Lv.3 2
G Collect 9 Sacred Artifacts 3
G Cast Back in Time x20 2
G Cast Corrosive Clouds x20 2
G Cast Cell Regeneration x20 2
G Cast Immortal Source x20 2
G Cast Annihilation Bomb x20 2
G Obtain hidden Gumball 5

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