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Eden's Land
Type Maze
Source/Unlock Eden
Normal reward Driver & Doctor Octopus gumball
Raid boost N/A
Raid reward Wonder material +1

Unlock Eden's land by completing repairs in Eden.

Beat the boss on level 10 of the maze to receive Driver Gumball

Hidden Gumball Edit

Doctor Octopus

To obtain Doctor Octopus

  1. Find the Strange Portal before level 50 and use your Mecha's special attack 5 times on enemies in this floor.
  2. Disembark from your Mecha and go through the now-active portal.
  3. Beat the special boss and pick up the Broken Mechanical Tentacle.
  4. Find Doctor Octopus at F61+ and give him the broken tentacle, offer to defend him.
  5. Defend him from the enemies for 6 rounds on this floor while he repairs his battle suit (make sure there isn't anything buffing them, they do 1.5x their attack to Doc Octo every turn). Stopping time is the easiest approach here if you can do it. Make sure that you kill the enemies!

TIP: Be careful - if there is a Petri Dish in the room do NOT open it - the parasites will kill everything before the 6th round leaving Doc with an non-repaired suit and thus - not able to join you. S/L does not help since it opens the floor at the point where the parasites are already released! However, turns can always be advanced by casting self-buff spells, casting Earthquake or Death Ripple, or by using items.


Except when unlocking the hidden gumball, Eden's Land does not have its own enemies or boss. Instead, every 10 floors (1F-10F, 11F-20F, etc.) of the maze is themed after most of the playable mazes, with that maze's enemies, features, and boss, in addition to its own shop and features; bosses start at 10F instead of the normal 30F. Sequence of initial appearance of mazes is random, but once a maze is in the game it firmly stays at the same floors in case you go back using Portal of Earth or similar effects. Some mazes have gameplay features differing from the ones in normal raids outside Eden's Land (check the table below).

Special Skills: This maze has a mecha suit, Metal Storm, available at 1F that you can put on for significant boosts to stats, access to a special attack, and access to three upgrade trees for the mecha. These upgrades cost Smart Chips, but otherwise function identically to special Titles like Dragon Titles.

 Maze  Special Feature in Eden's Land
Adventurer's Forest Trees with Hives are considered "pets" and their ranged attack depends on your main attack. TIP: If you soul link Cytus and TEK stacking the "pet attack enhancement" byusing Cytus memory on TEK "Sky Eye" feature effectively enhances Hives' attack too. Once these Trees are used there is a chance that they'll drop a Hive that can be used to deal 5 pts of damage and blind the enemy.
Hero's Village Vagrant Tent Spawning Mobs, use it for dp quest 9 kill gravity blaster
Lost Temple Altars accept crystals only in batches of three of same color. Yellow (Earth) give +30 MP, Blue (Water) +300 HP, Red (Fire) +30 to Attack, Green (Air) +30 to Power.
Borderland Pile of Bones drop several souls
Ancient Arena Fight in Arena for 50 Smart Chips.
Forest of Whispers Does not appear
Saint's Tower Does not appear
Desert Oasis Using 4x Lamp Oil at Desert Altar gives two new kinds of Genie's wishes - "Can you help me fix the mecha?" and "Can you help me enhance the mecha?". "can you grant me supplies" give 20 smart chips or mecha items
Bloody Fortress You can sacrifice 4*, 5* or 6* weapon/armor/treasure to Great Statues here. 4* items grant one Mecha enhancement item. 5* - one to 3 items, 6* - 2 to 4 items.
Dracula's Castle Confinement Cage boots and three Shadow Stones drop from Dracula's corpse. Wearing the Boots enables the "Back in Time" active skill, requiring one Shadow Stone to travel three floors back in the maze. If same maze levels are started again after PoE/Magic carpet/Time machine travel, there is a chance for Dracula's corpse to appear again dropping one more Shadow Stone.
Skeleton Island Ghost ship assist once per 10 turn, with basic level dragon coronade (not enough to take down boss barrier, but helped)
Pirate's Port Does not appear
Avalon Fortress Avalon Cannon ready with all tile flip with 2nd grade rank, not enough to flip whole floor but will hit radius 2 without fail
City of Steam Does not appear
Spacecraft Ruins Does not appear
Erathia Does not appear
Gods' Chessboard Occasional chessboard spawns for floor-only summons. If an enemy is visible and that type is summoned, the visible enemy is expelled and the summon will have improved stats
Hell Frontier to be confirmed
Cloud Island Does not appear

Special Occurrences Edit

Strange Portal (between F31-49. One time per run only - if you skip it and then go back using PoE/Magic Carpet/Time Machine/Vampire Boots, etc. then the Portal will not emerge any more)

  • Self-destructing the Mecha will open a room with 3 1-hour accelerators
  • Using the Mecha's special ability 5 times will open the portal to fight a boss (see Hidden Gumball section)

Storage Room (between F14-F44)

  • Self-destruct Mecha to get 9 accelerators

Strange Mechanic (F80+)

  • Mechanic will randomly show up deep in the maze (F80+). The encounter changes based on whether on not you have previously completed his request:
    • If you have never completed his request, he will ask to borrow Metal Storm and promise to return it. If you let him borrow it, you will need to continue through 8 maze floors with no mech. If you succeed, the mechanic will tell you that he broke the mech, but gives you two rewards:
    • If you have already completed his request, the mechanic will give Metal Storm a stat boost for the current run.

Corpses Edit

Corpse Regular Loot Farplane Ranger loot
David's Remains David's Teddy Bear David's Memory Fragment: (Receive 30 Smart Chips)
Motoko's Corpse Motoko's Brain Motoko's Soul: (Use: Dodge +10%, Max Dodge +3%, while attacking, 10% to cast Disrupting Ray)
Researcher Smart Chips

Remote-Controlled Detonator
Random Equipment

Broken Researcher's Soul: (1% special shop price reduction)

Researcher's Intact Soul: (3% special shop price reduction)

No. 5 Robot Mechanical Arm Robot No. 5's memory Fragment: (Effects of all air spells +10%, Obtains 5 lightning bolts)
Sam's Corpse Helium-3 Sam's Soul: (-1 HP, +2 EP for each tile flipped)
Astro Boy's Corpse Jet Engine (Boots: Dodge +15%, Max Dodge +5%, Costs 10% less to upgrade Melee titles) Astro Boy's Memory Fragments: (Use: Inflict Million Horse Power status - Attack +150%, damage reduced by 75%, only valid in target floor

Quests / DPEdit

Description DP Notes
G Obtain Jet Engine x3 3
G Obtain Mechanical Arm x3 3
G Collect and equip the Driver (Suit) 3
G Use Motoko's Brain x3 3
G Use Helium-3 x3 3
G Use David's Teddy Bear x3 3
S Use Alloy Piercing Blade x20 1
S Use Composite Armor Piece x20 1
S Use Nerve Sensor x20 1
S Use Energy Cube x20 1
S Use Nanoscale Repair Kit x20 1
S Kill beast enemies x200 1
S Kill human enemies x200 1
S Kill elemental enemies x200 1
S Kill undead enemies x200 1
S Kill demon enemies x200 1
S Kill mechanical enemies x200 1
S First kill BOSS 3
S Kill BOSS x5 3
S Detonate the Purification device to kill the enemy x50 2
S Clear monster caves x30 1
G Reach floor 70 2
G Reach floor 80 2
G Reach floor 90 3
S Search researcher's remains x20 1
S Buy items in Part Shop x50 2
S Destroy the defense system x30 2
S Touch the generator set 2
S Open Culture Dish x20 2
S Use the charging platform to charge x20 2
S Drive Metal Storm to cast Beam Cannon x50 2
S Drive Metal Storm to cast Gravity Wave x50 2
S Use Beam Cannon to deal 50,000 Damage at least 3
S Enhance Metal Storm Three-Stage Program to Level Max 3 Max out all three trees in metal storm
S Advance by 10 floors without driving Metal Storm 3
S Detonate Metal Storm 3
S Obtain hidden gumball 5 dr.octopus

Notes Edit

God of Thieves items (maybe can be found only with robot main)

Secondary Weapon Platform. Modify Metal Storm to launch rockets every 5 rounds.

Components Pile. Gives "Miniature Power Furnace". Use: Metal Storm's HP +100. When Metal Storm cast skills, 10% chance to consume energy.

Energy Warehouse. Gives some airship materials and gold.