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Recent Events

New Update:

  • New Maze: Spacecraft Ruins
  • New Golden Pot Gumballs: Trainer, Puppeteer, Goblin, Ripper, DJ, Geisha, Pandora, Chef
  • New Sky Maze: City of Death
  • New Gumball Trials: Swordsman, Athena, Priest, Magic Golem, Minstrel, Panda, Terminator, Claw
  • New Sky Events: Imprisoned Fairy, Lava Altar, Tree Fully Hanged With Presents, Dog God Statue
  • Added Easter Egg: Awakening of Panda, Athena, Spartan, Sunflower
  • Unlocked Alliance Gift Package
  • Alliance Bounty Function: Alliance members can post bounties of revenge targets and maze events, other members can help the issuer to finish after claiming the bounties
  • Unlocked Alliance Ranking and Alliance authority management function

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