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Recent Events

(V2.7.3) Update 28 Sept 2018

The new Gumball Trial and Gumball Easter Egg will be unlocked!
Gumball Trial: Soul Reaper, Slave, Flagellant, Skeleton Lord
Gumball Easter Egg: Skeleton Lord

(V2.7.3) Update 26 Sept 2018

New Functions
Space Analysis activated for Space.

(V2.7.2) Update 21 Sept 2018

New Functions
Overlook activated if you have unlocked Eden.

(V2.7.1) Update 17 Sept 2018

New Functions
Unlocked the Mysterious Islet System. You can enjoy 4 built-in instances made by the players
Unlocked the Order Field Space/M02. You can unlock new hidden Gumball-Sugar here

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