Complete this maze to receive Fallen Angel Gumball

Hidden Gumball Edit

To obtain Satan's Son Gumball:

Satan's Son
  • You will have to die in endless, leaving a tombstone.
  • When you reenter the maze in the following run, you will need to save 50 crystals each and purchase the "Lost Paradise" upgrade "Chaos Crystal Core", Giving you a "Demon Gift Box". Open it to receive 3 Hearts of Satan's Son. 
  • After finding your tombstone on the appropriate floor, use 1 Dark Elemental Crystal to change to tombstone into a mausoleum, then summon Satan's Son and feed him the 3 "Hearts of Satan's Son" you obtained earlier (not sure if you need an open summon slot, meaning not having 2 summoned creatures)


Enemy Form Race Skill Stealing List (use Bandit, Kaito, or Bloody Wolf)
Common item Rare item
Undead Void, Lightning Nova, Elemental Resistance (Air) Air Crystal x3 Air Crystal x5 / Mark of Thor
Beast Magic Burning, Roar, Elemental Resistance (Fire) Fire Crystal x3 Fire Crystal x5
Undead Death Decay, Frost Armor (grants all allies 30% Armor), Elemental Resistance (Water) Water Crystal x3 Water Crystal x5
Lava Puppet
Lava Puppet
Elemental Thump, Puppet Armor (30%), Elemental Resistance (Earth) Earth Crystal x3 Earth Crystal x5
Elemental Sacred Ray of Light (removes buffs), Rebirth, Elemental Resistance (Light) Light Crystal x3 Light Crystal x5
Demon of Abyss
Demon of Abyss
Demon Curse, Spell Forbidden, Elemental Resistance (Dark) Dark Crystal x3 Dark Crystal x5
Blood Knight
Blood Knight
Human Life to learn: counterattack, the attacker to exert a vampire effect (the damage caused by 50% to return to the value of life)


Enchanted Gumball
Biology Furious: hit, the probability of causing 2 times the damage


Demon Lord Boss
"Demon Lord Hugh Janus"
Floor Attack HP Dodge Accuracy
30 35 629 0 100
40 56 1244 0 100
60 173 4493 0 100
70 277 8296 0 100
80 471 ???? 0 100


  • Demon's Wrath - Attacks once every 3 rounds, dealing 300% damage to enemies.
  • Demon's Mark - Cast 1 layer of Demon's Mark each round (Each layer of Demon's Mark increases the effect of Demon Armor by 10%, providing Demon's Anger with extra effects according to the number of layers, effects can be stacked, lasts 3 rounds)
    • 3 Layers of Demon Mark - Forbids enemy from casting 1 random spell type.
    • 6 Layers of Demon Mark - Decreases the enemy's Attack and Power by 50%.
    • 9 Layers of Demon Mark - Instantly kills the enemy.
  • Demon Armor - Physical Resistance +10%. Spell Resistance +10%.

Stages Edit

Decisive battle! Demon Lord! : Floors 50 (Difficulty 46) - 2 Vigor (unlocks Fallen Angel GB)

Never-ending battle: Floors 45 (Difficulty 46) - 2 Vigor

Open! The Gate of Hell!: Floors 45 (Difficulty 45) - 2 Vigor

Land of Death and Flame: Floors 40 (Difficulty 45) - 2 Vigor

Special Occurrences Edit

Paradise Lost Edit

Skill Price/lvl max lvl effect on max lvl
Light of Corruption 3 of each 50 1000 dmg every 3 round
dispel 1/1/2/2/3 layers of Demon Mark on attack (every 10 lvl)
1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10% chance to inflict Corruption (every 5 lvl)
When attacking instantly kill enemy whose HP is lower than 20%
Chaos Crystal Core 50 of each 3 Receive Demon Gift Box
Damage of Paradise lost +?%
Scorching Flame Crystal Core 5 Fire 20 Immune to Magic Burning
Effect of all Fire spells +20%
50% chance to deal double damage on attack
Cold Ice Crystal Core 5 Water 20 Immune to Death Decay
Effect of all Water spells +20%
10% Chance to cast Ice Shield after killing enemy
Earth Crystal Core 5 Earth 20 Immune to Thump
Effect of all Earth spells +20%
Attack +20, Power +20, HP and MP +200
Hurricane Crystal Core 5 Air 20 Immune to Collapse
Effect of all Air spells +20%
10% Chance for spell to not consume MP
Holy Light Crystal Core 5 Light 20 Immune to Status Eliminated
Effect of all Light spells +20%
When suffering damage 5% chance of immunity to all damages
Dark Crystal Core 5 Dark 20 Immune to Spell Forbiden
Effect of all Dark spells +20%
Receive 5 Implosion
Azazel's Statue grants: enemies can not revive

Exchange Ruins Edit

Insert Effect
3 Light Crystal Expeditionary Supply Station
3 Dark Crystal Abyss Exchange

Abandoned Stronghold Edit

Insert Effect
3 Fire Crystal 4-6 Hellhound and Pile of Bones (may have Drawing of Farplane Arrow)
3 Water Crystal 4-6 Lich and Storage Chest
3 Earth Crystal 4-6 Lava Puppet and Elemental Mine
3 Air Crystal 4-6 Ghost and Storage Chest
3 Light Crystal 4-6 Angel and Demon Remains (may have Drawing of Crimson Wings)
3 Dark Crystal 4-6 Demon and Angel Remains (may have Drawing of Holy Thorns Crown)

Collapsed Door Edit

Use 3 Crystals to summon an allied elemental of the corresponding element. When the summoned elemental dies it will drop 1 crystal. Each summon has a chance (20%??) to summon a gumball instead. When these gumballs die they will sometimes drop their fragments, spells or their unique item (i.e. Demon Hunter can drop Curse Eyeshot, Medusa can drop Gorgon's Eyes, and so forth). It is possible to summon the same gumball more than once.

Insert Summon
3 Fire Crystal Fire Elemental (chance of Destroyer, Demon Hunter, Heller, or Swordsman)
3 Water Crystal Water Elemental (chance of Merman, Frost Queen, Lich, or Ghost Captain)
3 Earth Crystal Earth Elemental (chance of Medusa, Pharaoh, Pinnochio, Magic Golem or Adventurer)
3 Air Crystal Air Elemental (chance of Mage, Templar, Dwarf King, or Zorro)
3 Light Crystal Light Elemental (chance of Angel Diety, Cupid, Minstrel, or Sunflower)
3 Dark Crystal Dark Elemental (chance of Pandora, Skeleton King, Death Knight, or Dark Dragon)

Dim Magic MatrixEdit

Insert Effect Details
3 Fire Crystal Alchemist Matrix Can forge artifacts from Drawings
3 Water Crystal Invocation Magic Matrix 100-200 EP, coins, ore, food, gems (it seems, you will get 1 of the Ancient Ruins altar wishes), 5 Gumball Pots (probably once), 1 golden pot,3 gem
3 Earth Crystal Corpse Collection Matrix Adventurer's/Angel's/Mage's/Devil's Remains and sometimes Diablo's/Tyrael's Remains
3 Air Crystal Arcane Matrix 100-200 EP and possibly a small secondary bonus (Fallen Angel gets one Hex, Vampire Hunter gets +1 Attack, etc.)
3 Light Crystal Strength Enhancement Matrix 1 Attack, 10 HP
3 Dark Crystal Magic Enhancement Matrix 1 Power, 10 MP

Corpses Edit

Corpse Regular Loot Farplane Ranger loot
Adventurer's Remains Random Equipment

Broken Traveler's Soul: Receive 50-100 EP at random.

Complete Traveler's Soul: Receive 100-200 EP at random.

Angel's Remains

5 Light Elemental Crystals or 1 Angel's Wings or (rarely) 1 Drawing of Crown of Thorns

(IF resurrected with x5 light crystals, gives 10 crystals on death)

Broken Angel Soul: Cast Bless (Only valid in the target floor).

Complete Angel's Soul: Effects of all light spells +1%.

Anonym's Remains Immortal Sword

Anonym’s Soul: Gumball’s Attack +1
When upgrading Meele Title, EP consumption reduced by 10%

Dante's Remains Ebony Wood and White Ivory Dante's Soul: Fuse ebony and white ivory. Receive Ebony Wood and White Ivory
Demon's Remains 5 Dark Elemental Crystals or 1 Demon's Thorns or (rarely) 1 Drawing of Crimson Wings

Broken Demon's Soul: Increase effects of all spells by 15% (Only valid in the target floor).

Complete Demon's Soul: Increase effects of all damage spells by 1%.

Diablo's Remains Destroy Diablo's Soul: Receive 3 Scrolls of Blade of Ruin
Elemental Mage Remains Receive 5 elemental crystals of 6 kinds respectively

Elemental Mage’s Soul: Receive 5 elemental crystals of 6 kinds respectively

Mage's Remains 5 Random Elemental Crystals or Magic Toffee

Broken Mage's Soul: Power +10 (Only valid in the target floor).

Complete Mage's Soul: Power +1.

Pile of Bones Beast's Teeth, Drawing of Far Plane Arrow Broken Demon's Soul: Increase effect of all spells by 15% (Only valid in the target floor).
Ragnaros' Remains 10 Molten Core

Ragnaros' Soul: Receive Eye of Balrog
Effects of all fire spells +5%

Tyrael's Remains Tyrael's Strength Tyrael's Soul: Defense +1, +10% damage vs. Demons.

Other Occurrences Edit

Encounter Options Result
Abaddon's Statue Worship Receive Lightless Shield Scroll - Use: Casts Lightless Shield Spell.
Inject 30 Dark Lightless Shield Scroll - Teaches Lightless Shield Spell: 1/2 max MP - Convert damage suffered into recovered HP for 1 round.
Ashes Tile Urn Take Ashes Tile Urn ( Obtain 3 Broken Souls at random)
Inject Crystals Kel'Thujad Soul Container
Azazel's Statue Worship Elemental Crystals (5 light, 5 dark)
Inject 10 Light Adds ability to Paradise Lost (Curse immunity)
Inject 10 Dark Adds ability to Paradise Lost (all enemies can not revive)
Battlefield Toilet Search 5 Stool with Grass (1 dmg, poisoned 3 rounds, funny emote from bosses)
Inject 5 Fire Casts Armageddon
Inject 5 Water Undigested Wild Fruit (10 dmg, stunned 3 rounds)
Blood Knight's Statue Worship +20-30 HP, Recover 5 HP on next Floor
Inject 10 Dark comes alive - drops Crystal of Blood (recover 100% hp)
Clotted Wax Pool Search Candle
Inject 10 Fire Waxed Helmet
Demon Stockpot Search 3 Unknown Meat
Inject 10 Fire -10 HP, Demon Liver, 2 Demon Meat
Diablo's Remains Search Destroy (Work simply by having in inventory, does not need to be equipped)
Inject 20 Dark Summon Diablo
Ruins of Demon Hall Search Demon's Hug Armor Set
Inject 10 Dark Spawn 3 demons; each drops 10 Dark Crystals. If using Satan Son increase all stats.
Collapsed Holy Altar Search get 3 crystals of 1 type
Insert 1 of each Altar from lost temple
Demonized Gumball Talk Fight. 100 EP
Inject 5 Air or Holy Purified Gumball
Purified Gumball Help me work +1 Gumball Artisan or fight
Hurry to leave Randomly get 1 Gem, 3 Gems, 2000 gold, or attacked.
Corpse Flower Search Corpse Flower's Saliva x1 or Rank 1 Food x2
Inject 10 Water Revived Corpse Flower
Revived Corpse Flower Good luck EP or Corpse Flower's Saliva x1
Transplant If main gumball is plant type, Transplant (+1 Att all plant types); otherwise, fight (drops Corpse Flower's Saliva x5)
Broken Watchtower Inject Status Illumination ( Detect all the monsters and mark the location of the Key Monster on the current floor)

Expeditionary Supply Station

Abyss Exchange

Hell Rift

  • 5-6 activation's lead to area with Mines of each element ( after clicking on area elements you can get resources)
  • You can tap the mine cart and barrel on the screen a lot for bonus minerals

Abandoned Portal

  • Inject 10 Fire : Turns into Hell's Gate
  • The second time you create Hell's Gate, you can teleport back to the floor with the first one.(Only two portals appear per run, if you don't use it when it appear it won't appear again)

Doomsday Blade

  • Pull Out: Receive Doomsday Blade item. Stats depend on number of Crystals Added
  • Inject: Consumes 2 / 4 / 8 / 16 / 32 / 64 Fire Elemental Crystal (Total of 126 Crystals required) Raises Star Level of Doomsday Blade
  • The Doomsday Blade will remain on the same floor until it is pulled out - if you don't have enough Fire Crystals you can inject as many as you can then come back using Portal of Earth (or an item such as Time Machine or Magic Carpet) to add the remaining ones.

Title/Gumball-Based Occurrences

  • Wizard's Elemental Whirlpools can be stabilized and picked up for later use w/ 5 Water Crystals.
  • Dragon Warrior's Fire Dragon Blades can be enhanced by injecting 2 Fire Crystals
  • Lich King's Statue gains a significant amount of XP (enough to go from Faith 10 to Faith 12) for 20 Water Crystals (repeatable).
  • Vampire Hunter's Blood Altar can inject 30 Dark Crystals to go from 10 Essence Blood per upgrade to 7.
  • Genie's Ruins can inject 30 Light Crystals to reduce the oil cost of Wishes by 1.
  • Sculptor's statues each have a 10-Crystal injection that will count as 4 floors' and 400 EP worth of sculpting:
    • Boy Holding Goose: 10 Air Crystals
    • Discoglobus: 10 Fire Crystals
    • Thinker: 10 Earth Crystals
    • Venus: 10 Water Crystals
    • Pieta: 10 Light Crystals
  • Frost Queen's various Ice Castles can be permanently enhanced for 20 Water Crystals each:
    • The Damage Reduction castle is boosted from 20% to 25%
    • The +Water% Effect castle is boosted from 20% to 25%
    • The MP Regen castle is boosted from 4 MP per turn to 5 MP per turn
  • Kraken Captain's Cannons can be boosted in damage with the injection of some Fire Crystals (details uncertain).

Notable Loot Edit

Get these items in the maze or by raiding:

  • In the Hellrift, if you click on the wheelbarrow and crates 50 times, you can get EP, Coins, Magic Iron, and Gems.
  • Mark of Thor - Looted from Storage Chest - Use: Automatically casts Lightning Bolt every 10 rounds (only valid on target floor) - Also used to craft drawings.

Tips Edit

  • You are limited to 2 summons, so avoid using Athena when entering the dungeon. (Although Zerg eggs count as only one summon.)
  • Keep the Destroy Crystal in your bag after Diablo dies to have the effects active. No need to equip it.
  • If you have Diablo summoned when you revive Tyrael, he will kill Diablo (still drops necklace) or any dark elementals allies. Happens also when the roles are reversed.
  • Every Level of Chaos Crystal Core provides 20% dmg on Corruption Paradise Lost skill, 3 Satan's Heart for the hidden GB, plus one of the following:
  • If you are trying to get certain scrolls or elemental equipment in the maze you can use elements on the shops. If there is a stronghold on the same level enter it and leave it to change the type of element you can use. Repeat until desired type is listed.

Quests / DPEdit



S Receive Immortal Sword x3

(can be written as Sword of Eternity)

+2 Received from Anonym's Remains
S Receive Waxed Helmet x3 +2 Use 10 Fire Crystals at Clotted Wax Pool to receive
S Resurrect Tyrael 0/3 +2 Possible corpse from using 3 Earth Crystals on Dim Magic Matrix. Requires 20 Light Crystals to revive
S Resurrect Diablo 0/3 +2 Possible corpse from using 3 Earth Crystals on Dim Magic Matrix. Requires 20 Dark Crystals to revive
S Collect a full "Light Sacred Artifact" set +3 Turin Shroud, Spear of Longinus, and Holy Scarab may be purchased from Expeditionary Supply Station. Drawing of Holy Thorns Crown is found as rare drop from Angel's Remains in Demon's Stronghold
S Collect a full "Dark Sacred Artifact" set +3 Hell Walker, Breathing of the Dead, and Fiend's Phalanx may be purchased from Abyss Exchange. Drawing of Crimson Wings is found as rare drop from Demon's Remains in Angel's Stronghold
S Doomsday Blade reaches the max level +3 Require 126 total Fire Crystals, must be upgraded all at once. Remains on the same floor if not used, giving a chance to collect more fire crystals and travel back if you don't have enough when you first see it.
S Learn a special spell +3 Use Lightless Shield Scroll - Give Abaddon's Statue 30 Dark Crystals to receive
S Kill Blood Knight +1
S Kill Demonized Gumball +1
S Successfully transplanted the Corpse Flower +2 Must use Plant gumball as main (Sunflower, Cactus, World Tree, etc.
S Successfully opened the Hell Rift +2
S Use Hell's Gate to teleport +2
Kill Hellhound x200 +1
Kill Lich x200 +1
Kill Lava Puppet x200 +1
Kill Ghost x200 +1
Kill Demon of Abyss x200 +1
Kill Angel x150 +1
Resurrect the Angel x10 +1 Use Earth Crystals at Magic Altar. Requires 5 Light Crystals to resurrect, drops 10 Light Crystals when killed
Resurrect Abyss Demon x10 +1 Use Earth Crystals at Magic Altar. Requires 5 Dark Crystals to resurrect, drops 10 Dark Crystals when killed
Use Ebony Wood to kill enemy x20 +1 Dropped from Dante's Remains
Use White Ivory to kill enemy x20 +1 Dropped from Dante's Remains
Kill BOSS x1 +3
Kill BOSS x3 +3
Buy goods at Expeditionary Supply Station x50 +1 Use 3 Light Crystals at Exchange Ruins
Buy goods at Abyss Exchange x50 +1 Use 3 Dark Crystals at Exchange Ruins
Forge Items or Equipment x5 +1 Use 3 Fire Crystals at Dim Magic Matrix to use forge
Summon Gumball x20 +1 Chance to summon gumball instead of elemental when using Door
Eliminate Hellhound's Stronghold x15 +2 Use 3 Fire Crystals at Abandoned Stronghold
Eliminate Lich's Stronghold x15 +2 Use 3 Water Crystals at Abandoned Stronghold
Eliminate Puppet's Stronghold x15 +2 Use 3 Earth Crystals at Abandoned Stronghold
Eliminate Ghost's Stronghold x15 +2 Use 3 Air Crystals at Abandoned Stronghold
Eliminate Angel's Stronghold x15 +2 Use 3 Light Crystals at Abandoned Stronghold
Eliminate Demon's Stronghold x15 +2 Use 3 Dark Crystals at Abandoned Stronghold
Enhance Light of Corruption to max level +3 Max level is 50
S Reach Floor 70 of Maze +1
S Reach Floor 80 of Maze +2
S Reach Floor 90 of Maze +3
S Receive Hand of Balrog +5 Requires Farplane Ranger Title. Receive Ragnaro's Soul Soul from Ragnaros Remains. Use Soul to receive Eye of Balrog. Craft Sulfuron Hammer and use Eye of Balrog to construct Hand of Balrog
S Obtain Hidden Gumball +5