Oriental shrine
Machine altar
The Eastern Shrine and Machine Altar appear randomly as boss rewards in all mazes. BEWARE: They can each only be used 3-4 times ever. Don't choose prizes carelessly.

This list is probably incomplete. You can use the save/load method to check if something works.

Oriental Shrine Edit

The Oriental Shrine accept items with an "Far Eastern" origin. This appears to mean items with origins or historical connections to the area between the Arabian Peninsula and China/Japan.

Item Source Reward
Brewmaster's Wine Panda default carry or Ancient Arena drop Gem x30
Magic Pagoda Heavenly King Gem x25
Head Hoop Monkey King default carry Gem x25
Warrior's Heavy Armor Ancient Arena, stolen from special lounge enemy Gem x25
Tenka Nobunaga default carry Golden Pot x5
Devil's Right Eye Masamune default carry Gumball's Pot x5
Dorayaki Item from Future Cat's Dimension Bag Gumball's Pot x3
Super Dorayaki Item from Future Cat's Dimension Bag Gumball's Pot x5
The Book of Five Rings Musashi default carry Adventure's Relics x5
Ninjutsu Scroll Village of Heroes shrine Adventure's Relics x5 or Magic Relics x5
Arabian Nights Genie wish Adventure's Relics x5

Items Yielding No Reward (In Progress) Edit

For Oriental Shrine:

Acrobat's Dart, Acrobatics Monocycle, Alien Helmet, Alien Spawn, Air Elemental Crystal, Air Elemental Heart, Air Spell Book, Aladdin's Lamp, Assassin's Cloak, Bandits Claw, Belt of Courage, Belt of Electric Arc, Belt of Oracle, Burnt Parchment, Cerimony Ring, Cheap Liquor, Complete Scoundrel's Soul, Crystal Skull, Curse Eyeshot, Dead Cat, Demon's Cape, Dimension Boots, Distant Avalon (any), Dragonling Skull, Dragon Scale Armor, Earth Elemental Crystal, Earth Spell Book, Elderberry Rod, Electric Shock Ring, Eternal Bracers/Crown/Orb, Explorer's/Explorationist's Compass, Explosive Pumpkin, Farplane's Lantern, Fire Spell Book, Fire Elemental Crystal, Fliamir's Soul Box, Frost Bottle, Golden Mandala, Gray Dwarf Explosive Mine M32, Gatlin Gun, Heritage of the Tamer, Hunter's Certificate, Infintiy gem, Inflatable Monkey Baby, Instantine, Key of Destruction/Sky, Karina's Dagger, Lamp Oil, Lava Pyrocantha, Low Quality Cigarette, Mage's Ring, Magic Toffee, Melee Master's Gloves, Night Blade, Night Walkers Lantern, Ox King's Boots, Persian Powder, Pharaoh's Mask, Pocket Watch Necklace, Rabbit's Pocket Watch, Rune Ring, Sages Diary, Sage's Potion, Scourge Bone Chime, Shadow Badge, Shield of the Warrior, Sorcerer's Robe Steam Power Suit (any), Stone of the Dragon, Strange Statue, Sunflower Seed, Titan's Helmet, Trainer's Legacy, Vosebarker's Cloak, Water Elemental Heart, Water Spell Book, Water Spirit Cape, Wizard's Pendant, Zergling Egg... [In Progress]

Machine AltarEdit

Item Source Reward
War Chip Machine Herald default carry Gem x30
Energy Wheel Machinist default carry Gem x25
Swift Shoot Skeleton Island Gem x25
Dimensional Bag Future Cat default carry Gem x25
Gnome Rapid Fire Equipment Gem x25
Nuke Missile Machinist default carry Golden Pot x5
Grenade Launcher City of Steam Golden Pot x5
Grenade Launcher MM1 Spacecraft Ruins Golden Pot x5
Time Machine (Future Cat) Item from Future Cat's Dimensional Bag Golden Pot x5
Gark3 Armor default carry Golden Pot x5
Burst Rocket Machinist default carry Gumball's Pot x5
Alien Helmet Predator default carry, also found in Lost Temple Gumball's Pot x5
Desert Eagle Lost Temple item Gumball’s Pot x5
Rabbit's Pocket Watch Found in Adventurer's Forest maze Gumball's Pot x3
Gatlin Gun Found in Pirate's Seaport Gumball's Pot x3
Repeating Shotgun M1887 Found in Adventurer's Forest with Great God of Thieves title Adventure's Relics x5
Music Box Village of Heroes Gumball's Pot x3
Time Machine Terminator default carry Melee's Relics x5
Electrical Helmet Found in Borderland maze Magic Relics x5
Tin Man's Heart Ancient Arena, dropped by special lounge enemy Adventure's Relics x5
The Third Arm Found in Village of Heroes maze Melee's Relics x5
Monster Timer Item from Future Cat's Dimensional Bag Golden Pot x3

Items Yielding No Reward (In Progress) Edit

For Machine Altar:

Acrobatics Dart, Acrobatics Monocycle, Alloy Shield, Trainer's Legacy, Sorento's Costume, Helmet of Black Warrior, Walk-the-Dog Robot, Spiked Alarm Clock, Pharoah's Mask, Eternal Crown, Zergling Egg, Aegis shield, the dead cat, Wirts Leg, Broken mages soul, Bone staff, Colt 1911, Sarah Jane, Electronic Key, Supercomputer, Mechanical Power Artificial Leg, Matrix Chip, Right hand of destruction, Farplane Arrow, Nether Wick. Aladdin Lamp, Magic Carpet, Sunflower seed, World tree's heart, sage's diary, Clowns Mask, Magician Legacy, Explorer's Compass, Karina's Dagger

The Grim Reaper Statue / The Shadow StatueEdit

Shadow Statue
Find the shadow statue and use Alien Helmet,Curse Eyeshot or Devil's Right Eye to talk to it. It will teleport you to a level where you can collect 25 gems and some alchemy crystals. Speak to the statue and it tells you to defeat "Despicable Virginia" / "Night Lady Virginia" and return to it. Keep talking to the statue to get a stat upgrade.

Lady Virginia is one of the game's five deities and a statue in Bloody Fortress. One of her faith rewards is the Obsidian Statue, left by the grim reaper.

Unique CharactersEdit

These rare enemies appear occasionally and drop lots of loot. They escape after 10 rounds. A piece of the Eternal Suit may be stolen from these enemies using a Bandit's Claw or Kaito's ability.

Gate of CreationEdit


This is ice cold door has stood here for tens of thousands of years. "You don't want to get close, don't get any closer..."

(There are 7 sockets on the door, you can insert a Key)

The gate of eternity is the game's most difficult easter egg. It's rumored to appear at floor 100 of any maze.

Seven Keys:

All of the keys must be obtained in one maze for the gate to open. This can be done in Bloody Fortress using creator with captain and time wizard soul-linked.

Without the creator gumball, it is possible in the Ancient Arena using captain, time wizard, and lich king. The other two keys are obtained from the creator in the arena. Kaito must be in the audience and also killed in order to get the other creator key.

Open the gate to speak to four of the game's lore characters: Astana, Lady Virginia, Vosbarker, and Hectoria. They'll give you a number of items (100 gems included).

Then Peter (5 star) will join your party.

Repeat runs will NOT yield additional Peter fragments and only 1 gem (not 100).