Secret order can be found on the bottom right of the settings menu. Input the secret code and Spy will give you a gift. After inputing 35 codes use the code JOINME to get the Spy gumball himself.

The list is mostly in order of recency. Check for new codes at the bottom of the list.

Note that some codes don't work until you've unlocked the mercenary camp and others don't work until unlocking airships.

Check the Official Facebook Page for weekly codes and temporary random codes.

Code Reward Requirements Date Posted
ISEEDEADPEOPLE 2x Death Knight fragment
SLIME 2x Adventurer fragment
FORTHEHORDE 2x Panda fragment
TIMEISMONEY 2x Time Wizard fragment
IWILLBEBACK 2x Terminator fragment
89757 2x Terminator fragment
MONSTERKILL 2x Vampire Hunter fragment
ALLROADSLEADTOROME 2x Gladiator fragment
123456 5000 coins
165324 7500 coins
1332211185 10000 coins
GREEDISGOOD 10000 coins
32167 5x Dragon's Rib
NWCNEO 5x Fruit of the World Tree
ROBINHOOD 2x Eternal Gold
FREEDOM 5x Heart of Ancient Tree
3.1415926 3x Fruit of the World Tree
IHAVEADREAM 10x Fantasy Fruit
BILIBILI 10x Magic Iron, 10x Crystal
WORDGANG 1x Gumball's Pot
DUNGEON 3x Hero's Potion
FIREINTHEHOLE 3x Unstable Concoction
FIRSTBLOOD 1x Holy Blood
DOUBLEKILL 2x Holy Blood
TRIPLEKILL 3x Holy Blood
STUPIDISASSTUPIDDOES 10x Adventurer's Potion
PPAP 2x Dreamland Potion
AEGIS 2x Guardian fragment Mercenary Camp
WARPTEN 2x Dwarf King fragment Mercenary Camp
TRANSFORMANDROLLOUT 2x Autobots fragment Mercenary Camp
GUMBALL 1x Gumball's Pot Mercenary Camp
BLACKSHEEPWALL 2x Commando fragment Mercenary Camp
OPERATIONCWAL 2x Templar fragment Mercenary Camp
WHOSYOURDADDY 2x Demon Hunter fragment Mercenary Camp
POWEROVERWHELMING 2x Zerg Queen fragment Airships
HOWDOYOUTURNTHISON 5x Gumball Chip Airships
IAMYOURFATHER 5x Universal Master Chip Airships
WHATISBESTINLIFE 5x Yamato Chip Airships
NICONICONI 10000x Relics Fragment Airships
WHORUNBARTERTOWN 5000x Relics Fragment Airships
TOOKTHEREDPILL 10x Photon Core Airships
IAMIRONMAN 5x Subspace Core Airships
PENTAKILL 5x Rainbow Contract Airships
ANEYEFORANEYE 3x Star Contract Airships
INEEDYOURCOMBOSKILL Agent's Secret Order (Combat Skill) Airships
JOINME Spy gumball. Input 35 other codes
SHORYUKEN 2x Red Dragon fragment
HADOKEN 2x Dark Dragon fragment
GIVEMEFIVE 5x Unstable Concoction
EASYCOMEEASYGO 1x Gumball's Pot Mercenary Camp
BONDJAMESBOND Lizard's Spawn x50, Cream Berry x50
GENERIKB Adventurer Relics x5
USHIGAMINGCHANNEL Gem x5, 50k coins 03/19
NOXIOUSGLHF Sorcerer fragment x5, gem x8 03/23
LOZO Golden Pot x3
BROFRESCOGAMES Golden Pot x5 03/24
MYPRECIOUS Tower Flower x2, Fairy Spring x2
MAYTHEFORCEBEWITHYOU Star Mint x10, Fairy Spring x10
LOL Gumball Artisan x1
JUSTDOIT 50 Vanilla Flour, 50 Magic Bean Pod
PTT Swordsman Fragments x5
DCARD Bandit Fragments x5
ALLFORONEONEFORALL Sunflower fragment x2
ASYOUWISH Moon Contract x1 Airships
TOBEORNOTTOBE Moon Contract x1
HOUSTONWEHAVEAPROBLEM Evil Pumpkin x2, Crystal Egg x2
HODOR Tower Flower x5
BJ4 Photon Core x20
LETITGO Magic Iron x100
UCCU Synkaryon Battery EX x20
KERKER Tesla Circuit x20
HEYJUDE Mithril x20
GAMEGX Holy Warrior fashion skin
POKERFACE Arcane Crystal x20
HAHAHA Battery Pack x2
K2744 Coin x200,000 or 2000 relics 05/08
R???? - Watch G&D High Priest review coin x50,000 05/14
FORJUSTICE 2x Justice Herald fragment Airships
K6881 Coin x100,000 or Relic Fragment x10,000 06/20
4224 Magic Relics x8, coin x80,000 06/08/17
9796 Magic Relics x8, coin x80,000 05/08/17
7283 Adventure Relics x8, coin x80,000 30/07/17
2352 Melee Relics x8, coin x80,000 29/07/17
7808 Relics Fragment x2000, coin x80,000 22/07/17
8427 Golden Pot x3, coin x80,000 15/07/17
3346 Adventure Relics x8, coin x80,000 09/07/17
2273 Melee Relics x8, coin x80,000 08/07/17
1072 Magic Relics x8, coin x80,000 02/07/17
5173 Relics Fragment x2000, coin x80,000 01/07/17
3508 Magic Relics x8, coin x80,000 23/07/17
7147 Magic Relics x8, coin x80,000 16/07/17
7461 Magic Relics x8, coin x80,000 23/08/17
7129 Magic Relics x8, coin x80,000 23/08/17
9852 Magic Relics x8, coin x80,000 23/08/17
2972 Magic Relics x8, coin x80,000 23/08/17
1437 Gumball pot x5, coin x80,000 26/08/17
4997 Relic Fragments x2000, coin x80,000 27/08/17
7406 Magic Relics x8, coin x80,000 02/09/17

Chinese CodesEdit

Code Reward Date Posted
呵呵 Vanilla Flour x20, Cream Berry x20
冈布奥永不为奴 Gumball Artisan x1
厉害了我的肝 Adventurer fragment x10, Adventurer's Potion x10
蓝瘦香菇 Blue Crystal Gel x20
我到碗里去了 Golden Pot x2
廠廠 RG-800A (robot) x1
鬼鬼與地下城物語 Holy Warrior Fragment x5
鬼鬼的御宅生活 Sorcerer Fragment x5
科科 Battery Pack x2
這不是彩蛋什麼才是彩蛋 Cloak of Holy Rune Master fragment x5
滿滿的大彩蛋 Harp of Adventurer fragment x5
彩蛋9527 Gumball Pot x2
已知找彩蛋 Gumball Pot x2
生命就該浪費在美好的彩蛋上 Golden Pot x1
你媽知道你在這裡找彩蛋嗎 Coins x10,000
摻在一起做成撒尿彩蛋啊 Coins x10,000
躺著也中彩蛋 Coins x30,000
這我一定集 Gumball Artisan x1
948794彩蛋 Gumball Artisan x1
有彩蛋就是任性 Gem x2
依法放彩蛋謝謝指教 Zorro fragment x5
辦活動時露出彩蛋是常識 Adventurer fragment x10
彩蛋恆久遠一顆永流傳 Spartan fragment x5
有彩蛋才敢大聲 Sunflower fragment x 5
嗯嗯呵呵有彩蛋 Fruit of the World Tree x5
你中蛋你全家都中彩蛋 Melee's Relics x5
讓彩蛋飛 Relic Fragments x3000
銅鋰鋅 Relic Fragments x3000
轉角遇到彩蛋 Battery Pack x2
整個城市都是我的彩蛋 Battery Pack x2
先別說這個了你看過彩蛋嗎 Gumball chip x3
靠北彩蛋 Universal Master chips x3
地方的岡布奧需要彩蛋 Sun Contract x1
這種鬼地方也有彩蛋 RS-500
再忙也要送你一顆彩蛋 RS-500
這不是岡布奧 Mysterious Statue x10
好了下去領彩蛋 Mysterious Statue x10
彩蛋不分藍綠 Assassin (runestone) x5
通通拿去做彩蛋 Demon Slayer's Crossbow (runestone) x5
精采快打電玩好看 Athena fashion skin
新電玩快打94狂 Adventurer fashion skin
彩蛋中的霸主還是彩蛋 Adventure's Relics x5
媽彩蛋在這 Golden Pot x1
來來來哩來 Magic Relics x5
華生你突破彩蛋了 Relic fragments x3000
是彩蛋我加了彩蛋 Melee's Relics x5
未看先猜是彩蛋 Coin x30,000
記者快來抄彩蛋 Yamato chip x3
您現在正在進行一個撿彩蛋的動作 Gem x2
你眼睛業障重 Unstable Concoction x5
不可質疑你的彩蛋 Universal Falcon chip x3
這彩蛋87分不能再高 Coin x10,000 04/25
找好找滿找彩蛋 Sorcerer fragment x4 04/25
五樓你說這是不是彩蛋呢 Adventurer's Potion x10 04/25
搶錢搶糧搶彩蛋 Gumball Pot x2 04/25
好彩蛋不撿嗎 RS-500 04/25

Expired CodesEdit

Code Reward Requirements Date Posted
TEST 100 coins
8463 Gem x15, 150k coins
1812 Golden Pot x3, 150k coins
2784 Melee's Relics x8, 80k coins
1643 Magic Relics x8, 80k coins
8126 Relic x2000, 80k coin
1555 Gumball pot x5, 80k coin
6757 Gumball pot x5, 80k coin 03/25
9551 Relic x2000, 80k coin 03/26
4977 Golden Pot x3, coin x150,000 04/01
9611 Melee's Relics x8, coin x80,000 04/02
8447 Adventure's Relics x8, coin x80,000 04/08
9041 Gumball Pot x5, coin x80,000 04/09
5435 Relic x2000, coin x80,000 04/15
8599 Gem x15, coin x150,000 04/16
7210 Melee's Relics x8, 80k coins 04/22
3439 Adventure Relics x8, coin x80k 04/23
7276 Magic Relics x8, coin x80,000 04/29
2333 Gumball's Pots x5, coin x80,000 05/02
6111 Relic x2000, coin x80,000 05/06
5475 Magic Relics x8, coin x80,000 05/07
3843 Melee Relics x8, coin x80,000 05/13
8957 gold pot x3, coin x 150,000 05/14
3126 Relics x2,000, coin x80,000 05/20
2831 Relics x2,000, coin x80,000 05/21
8085 Melee Relics x8, coin x80,000 05/28
8547 Adventure Relics x8, coin x80,000 06/03
1618 Relics x2,000,coin x80,000 06/04
6367 Gumball Pots x5, coin x80,000 06/10
6740 Relics x2,000, coin x80,000 06/11
1182 Magic Relics x8, coin x80,000 06/17
1866 Coin x150,000, Gems x15 06/18
7146 Magic Relics x8, coin x80,000
7709 Magic Relics x8, coin x80,000 25/06/17
5621 Magic Relics x8, coin x80,000 24/06/17
ZNQ6349 23/08/17


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