Unlock this maze through a purchase in the Alliance Shop for 10000 Alliance coins. (Donating 50 Gems gets you 10,000 alliance coins)

Complete this maze to receive Blue Shark Gumball, if not previously acquired in Help! Blue Shark Officer! event. If you already have Blue Shark, you will get TEN fragments upon completing the storyline mazes.

Hidden GumballEdit

To get the Bloody Wolf Gumball:

Bloody Wolf
  • Find Superintendent's Remain to obtain his Shabby Cell Phone.
  • Enter the code from Shabby Cell Phone description "...frequent contact with the number XXX" into the Console to obtain the Electronic Key (changes each run).
  • After floor 50, a gate (Door of Hidden Secret) will appear.
  • Enter the door and defeat Bloody Wolf to obtain the Bloody Wolf or 20 Bloody Wolf Fragments.


Abandoned Spaceship Floors 30 (Difficulty 26) - 2 Vigor

Support from the Police Station! Floors 35 (Difficulty 27) - 2 Vigor

Airship Control Battle! Floors 35 (Difficulty 28) - 2 Vigor

Rescue! Sheriff Blue Shark! Floors 40 (Difficulty 29) - 2 Vigor

Endless Mode 3 Vigor


Enemy Skill Stealing List (use Bandit, Kaito, or Bloody Wolf)
Common Item Rare Item
Mechanical Patrolman Concentrated Attack - Increases Attack for every identical monster.

Mechanical Armor - Physical Resistance +30%, Spell Resistance +30%

Cog - High chance of dropping cogs when killed

Gear 3x Gear / 150 EP
X-01 Type Crusher Smashing Blow - Chance to counterattack for 200% damage.

Mechanical Armor - Physical Resistance +50%, Spell Resistance +30%

Gear / 50 EP Gear / 150 EP
Y-02 Type Assaulter Quick Assault - Launch an attack upon appearance

Optical Camoflage - High Dodge Attribute

Gear 150 EP
Z-03 Type Mechanical Self-Destroyer Energy Overload - Decreases Attack each time an ally is killed.

Self-Explosion - Explodes upon death, inflicts triple damage and flips all surrounding slates.

Mechanical Armor - Physical Resistance +20%, Spell Resistance +20%

Fire Ball / 50 EP Frag Grenade M67
Mechanical Assembler Concentrated Attack - Summon a Mechanical Patrolman whenever a companion is killed (3 max)

Armor Enhancement - When present, decreases the damage all companions suffer by 30%

Mechanical Armor - Physical Resistance +30%, Spell Resistance +50%

Gear / 50 EP Dynamic Gear / 150 EP
RX-Enhanced Attacker Burst Missile - Launches a long-range attack every 2 rounds and inflicts double damage to the enemy, adds Burn effect.

Mechanical Armor - Physical Resistance +30%, Spell Resistance +30%

Cure / 50 EP Medical Package / 150 EP

(Operation directives)

Shooting - Launch an attack every 3 rounds to deal 150% damage to the enemy

Anti-explosion shield - Spell resistance +30%, damage suffer from item is decreased by 50%

50 EP Grenade Launcher MM1
Jason See Mini-Bosses Section Jason's diary (removes kill reward) Jason's diary (removes kill reward)
Frank See Mini-Bosses Section Frank's diary (removes kill reward) Frank's diary (removes kill reward)
Bloody Wolf
Bloody Wolf 20 Bloody Wolf Fragments (removes kill reward) Strange Notebook first time and 20 Bloody Wolf Fragments after (removes kill reward)
Mechanical Enemy
Enemy of the Machine See Boss Section 3x Gear Withdrawal password

Mini-Bosses Edit

Jason - Machine Edit


  • Deadly Strike - Launch an attack every 3 rounds, inflicts 5 times damage to the enemy.
  • Mechanical Armor - Physical Resistance +50%, Spell Resistance +30%

Frank - Machine Edit


  • Bloodthirsty Slash - Launch an attack every 2 rounds, adds Bleeding effect (Loses life every round, lasts for 3 rounds).
  • Mechanical Armor - Physical Resistance +30%, Spell Resistance +50%
  • Armor Enhancement - Decreases damage by 30%

Boss (Enemy of the Machine) - Machine Type Edit

Mechanical Enemy
Floor Attack HP Dodge
30 32 515 10%
40 53 1026 10%
50 89 1984 10%
60 150 3723 20%
70 253 6880 20%
80 397 12503 20%
90 739 22515


  • Tiberium Crystal Cannon - Launches an attack every 3 rounds, dealing 300% damage to enemies and adds Critically Wounded status (Loses HP each round, damage taken +50%, lasts for 3 rounds)
  • Tacitus Device - Physical Resistance +20%, Spell Resistance +20%, increased Dodge
  • Mass Armor - When physical damage is taken, Physical Resistance increases by 10%, Spell Resistance decreases by 10%
  • Solid Energy Field - When spell damage is taken, Spell Resistance increases by 10%, Physical Resistance decreases by 10%

Special Occurrences Edit

Random Adventurer's Villager - Gear x10, Dynamic Gear x1
Random Pirate's Chest - Gear x20, Dynamic Gear x1

Machine Research Institute (EP Shop) Edit

Waste Cabin Edit

Fight a number of enemies guarding one of the following:

  • Officer's Remains
  • Intelligent Computer
  • Replicant's Remains
  • Commando's Remains (White)
  • Commando's Remains (Blue)
  • Mechanical Creature's Remains

Potion Formulas Edit

Contact Terminal Edit

You need to clear the floor before you can use it. Enter a code to receive rewards. All codes apart from the first 2 (Ordinary Command, Special Command) are once per maze only.

Source Code Reward
Ordinary Command Enter the current floor number e.g 3F for floor 3 Airdropped Goods
Special Command

When floor number ends in x, input xxx e.g floor ends in 8, input 888.
Only works for floors ending on what the command menu manual says. Changes between runs.

Alloy Riot Shield
Power Hammer
Exoskeleton Armor
Mechanical Power Artificial Leg
Electro-Magnetic Protection Cloak
Same reward as Ordinary Command if you have all 5 items.
Police Badge 715 Grenade Launcher MM1
Repeating Shotgun M1887
Police Badge 240 3x Medical Package
Police Badge 417 10x Cog
Jason's Diary 27149 Supercomputer
Police Station Information 4927 3x Sheriff Honor Certificate
Sponsored advertising 608917 2x Roasted Squid
2x Oyster Soup
2-3x Pirate's Bitter
2-3x Smoked Salmon
3x Fried Cod Fillet
Sponsored advertising 353127 Spiked Alarm Clock
Sponsored advertising 525357

Circus Item:
Clown's Mask
Acrobatics Monocycle
Acrobatics Dart
Magician's Crutch

Sponsored advertising 101875

Walk-the-Dog Robot, Skeleton Husky sometimes.

Shabby Cell Phone Code written on the description of Shabby Cell Phone.
Code changes each run.
Electronic Key
Operation Directives Code written on the description of Operation Directives.
Code changes each run.
Teleports you to special room with 6 strong foes and a chest at the center of the room. Chest gives 3 gems first time and 10k coins after.
Piece of Note Code written on the description of Piece of Note (given by the villagers Adventurer Gumball summons).
Code changes each run.
3x Flamethrower M2 and 3x Frag Grenade M67
Strange Notebook Kaito rare steal from Bloody Wolf Matrix Chip
Ultimate Answer 42
Can only be used on the terminal on the special room you are teleported to after you use Ultimate Answer at floor 42.
Guide to Roaming the Galaxy
Withdrawal Password Code written on the description of Withdrawal Password after stealing from boss with Kaito or Future Cate. Code changes each run. 3 gems first time and 10k coins after.


Corpse Regular Loot Farplane's Lantern Soul
Police Officer's Corpse Police Officer's Diary
Police Badge
Broken Police Officer's Soul: Firearm type item, causes extra damage +1%
Complete Police Officer's Soul: Firearm type item, causes extra damage +5%
Superintendent's Remain Superintendent's Diary and Shabby Cell Phone Police Officer's Soul: Use: Receives Operation Directive
Replicant's Remains Unicorn Origami Roy's Soul: Loses 100 points of HP. Attack +5, Power +3
Commando's Remains (White) Vulture Chariot Reynold's Soul: Summons Hyperion's cannon for fire support (flips all slates and inflicts massive amount of damage to all enemies)
Commando's Remains (Blue) CMC Power Combat Suit Tychys' Soul: Enhances effects of CMC Power Combat Suit
Interstellar Sheriff's Remain Sarah Jane Bravestarr's Soul: Gain a random ability (only valid on target floor)

Status Ears of Wolf:

Ignores enemy's physical resistance and Dodge +50%

Killer's Remain (bald, wears tie)

2x Colt 1911

47's Soul: Colt 1911, power increases
Killer's Remain (shot in head, wears sunglasses) Killer's Diary and Dynamic Gear Complete Scoundrel's Soul: Cast Blade of Ruin
Mechanical Creature's Remains All-Purpose Tool Memory fragments of the Legion: Gumball's Power +2, Effects of all Air spells +5%

Noteable Loot Edit

Get these items in the maze or by raiding:

Quests/DP Edit

Description DP Notes
S Obtain Police Officer's Diary x3 2
S Obtain Killer's Diary x3 2
S Obtain Super Computer x3 2 Enter code 27149 into any terminal.
S Obtain CMC Power Combat Suit x3 2 Cannot obtain in same run as Vulture Chariot.
S Use Unicorn Origami x3 2
S Use Vulture Chariot x3 2 Cannot obtain in same run as CMC Power Combat Suit.
S Use All-Purpose Tool x15 2
S Use Sarah Jane to kill enemy x15 2 Use splash to kill multiple enemies at once.
S Use Colt 1911 to kill enemy x20 2 Can use Caisson to reload Colt 1911.
Kill Mechanical Patrolman x200 1
Kill X-01 Type Crusher x200 1
Kill Y-02 Type Assaulter x200 1
Kill Z-03 Type Mechanical Self-Destroyer x200 1
Kill Mechanical Assembler x150 1
Kill RX-Enhanced Attacker x150 1
Kill BOSS x1 3
Kill BOSS x5 3
Clear out Waste Cabin x30 2
S Reach Floor 60 of Maze 2
S Reach Floor 70 of Maze 3
S Reach Floor 80 of Maze 3
S Reach Floor 30 without closing Battle Platform 3
S Complete Jason's Order for Arrest x3 2 Can only acquire a warrant for either Jason, Frank, or Bloody Wolf each run. (Unless using Bounty Hunter.)
S Complete Frank's Order for Arrest x3 2 Can only acquire a warrant for either Jason, Frank, or Bloody Wolf each run. (Unless using Bounty Hunter.)
Purchase Items at the Machine Research Institute x100 2
Use Communications Terminal x100 2
Enter Different Passwords into Communication Terminal x10 2 Check Intelligent Computers and Police Badges for codes, or refer to Contact Terminal section above.
Turn off Superconductivity Charge Platform x30 2
Use Caisson to Replenish Ammo x20 2 Enter current floor number into Console to spawn Caisson (e.g. on floor 15 enter "15F").
Use Intelligent Computer to Download Learning Materials x20 2
Alloy Riot Shield's Power Core Reached Level 3 2
Power Hammer's Power Core Reached Level 3 2
Exo-Armor's Power Core Reached Level 3 2
Mechanical Power Artificial Leg's Power Core Reached Level 3 2
Electro-Magnetic Protection Cloak's Power Core Reached Level 3 2
Gather All 5 Mechanical Equipment 3
Use Flamethrower M2 to Kill 5 Enemies in 1 Round 3 Use Mechanical Assembler to spawn multiple Mechanical Patrolmen vertically.
Obtain Hidden Gumball 5

Trivia Edit

Easter Eggs

1/ God of Thieves title – get Ultimate Answer from cave, use on 42F, you will be teleported to a place with terminal, enter 42 and get a book (first time get 3 gems, subsequently gives stat boost)

2/ Farplane Ranger title – get Police Officer Soul (Receive operation directive), use it and get random code; use code and teleport to special room, kill all creep, chest give 3 gems first time, subsequently get coins

3/ Adventurer – get random code from villager; enter code to get maze items

4/ Spy/Machinist – can hack into terminal (terminal inside cabin/cave only) to get a code (random chance the code will be written into paper); enter code to get a briefcase, get 100k coins when reaching 70F

5/ Stealing from boss – ordinary steal get EP/gear, advanced steal can get random code; enter code to get 3 gems first time, subsequently get coins

6/ Arrest warrant for Bloody Wolf at 1F – complete to get 3 gems first time, subsequently get Cogs

7/ Stealing from Bloody Wolf – ordinary steal get 20 fragments, advanced steal can get Strange Notebook with code, enter code to get Matrix Chip (add 1 extra airship radar)

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